Such Sweet Sorrow

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Such Sweet Sorrow

. . . and we fade to Greene Acres, where Mark "Captain Picard" Greene sorts photographs. As the camera swings back down, we see partially packed-up medical equipment behind him. He picks up a silver-framed black-and-white photo of young Ruth and Holling; Holling has on a Navy uniform. Mark looks at it for a long moment and nods, then walks into his bedroom and sits on the bed beside a sleeping Rachel. He strokes her hair and tells her he loves her: "Do I tell you that enough?" Then he whispers "I love you" again and brings us to credits.

More overhead-cam as a basketball hits a backboard; drop-down shot to "Use The Force" Luka Kovac shooting hoops. Carol, pushing one twin in a stroller and carrying the other, says "hey" from behind him, and he says "hey" back. She says didn't know he played basketball, and he says self-deprecatingly that he doesn't. He leans over to greet Tess and asks the baby, "Did you let your mommy sleep for a change?" (Oddly, the captioning of that line read, "Did you let yo mama sleep for a change?" "Yo mama"? Heh.) Carol says no, she didn't, and she joggles Kate and gives Luka a self-conscious smile. Luka, still holding the basketball, asks, "Did I make you angry? With the flowers, on your birthday?" My god, man. How many kicks in the ribs does it take? Carol says patronizingly, "No, they were beautiful," but she looks down and tucks her hair behind her ear. "But they weren't animal crackers, huh?" Luka says. Oh, BURN! Carol, caught off-guard, parries with, "Oh, you heard about that, huh?" but doesn't seem disposed to say anymore about it; she looks down again and pushes the stroller back and forth. To his credit, Luka cuts to the chase: "Are you still in love with him?" Caught by surprise again, Carol says she doesn't know; she thinks she's "still too angry with him to think straight." Angry -- about what? The clinic getting closed? Doug not staying when she told him to leave? I know that sometimes, when a big upheaval happens in a relationship and too much time passes, the resentment can damage it beyond repair, but a year has gone by and he's come back to see the twins -- what exactly is she still angry about? Anyhow, a cop car honks at them, and they get out of the way as Luka says, "I would think so." "Why?" Carol asks, and when Luka gestures towards Kate, Carol says, "No, it wasn't like that -- Doug didn't know I was pregnant when he left." Luka says that Doug didn't come back when he found out, and Carol admits that "it wasn't all Doug; I could have gone with him. He asked me to." She looks wistful. Luka asks flatly, "Why didn't you?" Carol thinks for a second before saying, "Pride -- I wanted him to stay here for me. I thought I should be at least that important to him," and she adjusts the product-placed Gap hat on Kate's head. Luka, reluctantly: "I still love my wife . . . but it's time to get on with my life." Carol thinks this over; Luka scoops Kate out of her stroller and heads inside with her as she babbles happily. Lucky baby. Halfway to the door, Luka turns to smile at Carol as if to say, "Look at the handsome picture I make, carrying your baby," but Carol just looks pensive.

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