Such Sweet Sorrow

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Such Sweet Sorrow

In Mrs. O's room, Mr. O tells Kerry that he got scared when his wife wouldn't wake up, so he called 911. Kerry reassures him that he did the right thing: "She's dehydrated." Mr. O tried to get Mrs. O to drink more, but "sh-she's so weak she can't swallow, she can hardly hold a straw." Carol enters with a chart and hands Mrs. O's labs to Kerry, who tells Mr. O that Mrs. O's liver isn't making clotting factors; when Mr. O asks what that means, Kerry tells him, "It's a sign of severe liver failure." Mr. O, fighting tears, asks if there's anything they can do. No, not really, Kerry says, besides make her comfortable. Mr. O covers his eyes with his hand and struggles to control his emotions before saying, "So this is it?" Kerry waits a moment before answering quietly, "I think probably so." Mr. O covers his eyes again, heaves a sigh, and asks where his girls have gotten to; Carol says a couple of nurses are minding them in the lounge. Mr. O says, "Do everything you can -- I, I don't want her to suffer, please." "Of course not," Kerry murmurs.

In the hall, Abby gives Pelvic Pain Girl discharge instructions, adding that, if PPG wants to wait a minute, Abby will get her a list of clinics that treat STDs. PPG asks to wait outside because she's "dying for a cigarette." Okay, if that's not a shout-out, show me one. Abby says okay, then adds pointedly, "But you're going to quit really soon, right?" "Absolutely," PPG says, rolling her eyes. Abby goes behind the desk, gives Dave a super-short synopsis of what's up with PPG, and hands him the chart to sign, which he does without comment. Lydia asks Conni if Benton's on: "Kovac has a hot belly." Conni says, "And a hot everything else, sister." Oh wait, I said that -- or Wing Chun did. Anyway, Conni says that Benton is off; he traded with Corday, "and Cleo just happens to be off, too." "Shocking," Lydia says. Snort. Meanwhile, Frank corrects Abby on the date on a chart, saying it's actually the eleventh, and after a brief quibble, Abby remarks that she expected that day "to be a really awful day, but it seems to be turning out okay." Just then, I hear a smacking sound that can only mean that Foreshadowing is once again eating my peanut butter straight from the jar. Next, we have some un-comedic non-relief in the form of Frank listing all of Jupiter's moons, but before I can send Frank a telegram reading "I KNEW JERRY MARKOVIC STOP JERRY MARKOVIC WAS A FRIEND OF MINE STOP AND YOU SIR ARE NO JERRY MARKOVIC STOP STOP STOP," Chuny runs up to tell Abby that PPG "collapsed in the bay." Everyone runs outside to find Yosh hovering over PPG; he can barely feel a pulse. In the foreground we see PPG's still-burning cigarette. Abby gives orders and calls to PPG to wake up, and Lydia suggests that maybe PPG had an ectopic pregnancy, but Abby says no, the urine came back negative, and Lydia asks, "Who's her doctor?" Chuny says with a meaningful look, "Malucci," so Lydia goes to get Dave, and they hoist PPG onto a gurney.

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