Supplies And Demands

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Supplies And Demands

Mark enters Valium Villa and tells a worried Elizabeth that Rachel is with Andrew, who promised to return the craphead by 10. He sits next to his wife and soothingly confirms that Bane's accusations were shockingly unfounded and out of line. Elizabeth can't fathom that anyone is accusing her so directly of homicide. And she can't help feeling guilty, which baffles her even more. Mark should know what that feels like. But Elizabeth can't shake her discomfort about not being able to pinpoint the source of her patients' deaths, blaming herself for the spat with Rachel by deciding that she unfairly took out her frustrations on a fourteen-year-old. Yeah, a fourteen-year-old wench who is a horrible, horrible black hole of humanity. Mark agrees with her that Rachel's behavior was disappointing. "It's worth a conversation, and I'll have it with her," he promises. "I don't think I can handle this, Mark," Elizabeth chokes. "I was barely handling working and looking after the baby." She bursts into tears and rests her head against her brother-husband's shoulder. Mark pats her and vows to hire a lawyer for her if necessary, and to lay down rigid rules for the brat he helped conceive. "Oh, God," Elizabeth wails, aware that her life is a total bummer. Mark pretends that he's sagacious and smart and that his words will comfort Elizabeth -- basically, he explains that they're very lucky to live in a state where siblings can marry and support each other through such hard times. "That's a lot," he simpers, kissing the top of her head.

Fraulein's eyelids flutter. Susan notices, and although her face is mostly hidden behind a surgical mask, it's obvious she beams in total relief. "Hey!" she whispers. "I called your mom. She's flying in. You had us a little worried." This scene fades us out of the episode, which is really weird because I don't care that much about Fraulein's meningitis and it feels like the directors forgot to put it elsewhere and so shoved it at the end to flesh out the last fifteen seconds.

Next week, Elizabeth believes she's found her saboteur, while Susan's and Carter's relationship supposedly deepens.

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