Supplies And Demands

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Supplies And Demands

Luka treats a frail-looking guy who passed out, and whose neighbors called 911. "People can't mind their own business?" the guy snarls. He's young, a bit sallow, and seems hollow. He resembles ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit, so henceforth, he's Kirk. As Luka examines the cut in Kirk's hand, Neecole bursts into the room, early for their lunch date in the sexy cafeteria. Despite her presence being completely inappropriate, Luka not only assures her it's fine, but invites her to stay and watch. Is voyeurism seriously a sub-theme of this week's episode? Neecole has no business being in this room while Luka treats someone. Luka turns his attention to Kirk, whose blood isn't clotting properly. "I have a Factor IX deficiency," Kirk says emptily. He gets regular treatment at Children's, Kirk says, but just happened to miss that the past few times. Luka tells a nurse to check the pharmacy for the requisite amount of medicine for him. "Do they have bag lunches?" Kirk asks, addressing Neecole. She doesn't know; he flirts that some hospitals do, and flashes a huge smile at her. Luka wants to irrigate the hand, and offers to contact Kirk's parents, but the kid insists he's got nobody to call. "Let's start an IV," Luka says. "I have a porta-cath," Kirk admits, revealing a small, hard disc implanted just above his right man-breast. Luka agrees to use that for the medicine. "Couldn't stand needles every day," Kirk sags, unable to muster any energy unless Neecole is beaming down upon him with her heavily accented radiance. "I'll bring you a sandwich," she offers. "Thanks," Kirk grins.

The vending machine won't accept Abby's dollar. Susan approaches the snack machine and tries to be friendly and sympathetic. "It ate my dollar," Abby complains. Susan offers her another, but Abby had a spare and is trying desperately to buy a generic-brand Cold Drink -- possibly so she can take some Tylenol with it, to soothe all her really tough aches and pains. Susan makes a stab at conversation. "So, is it hard working with Dr. Kovac?" she asks. Abby stares at her, almost agape. It is kind of inappropriate of Susan to try this tack. They're not friends yet. It's really weird. Susan apologizes immediately, but Abby says it's fine and keeps trying to stuff her dollar into the machine. "Dating at work can be nasty," Susan PSAs. Conni interrupts to tell Abby that "the girlfriend of that guy is here." Abby isn't sure what that means. "The self-circumcision..." Conni trails off. Abby groans. She hits the machine and sulks a bit, while Susan just looks amused.

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