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Anyway, after the break, it's the usual ER madhouse, with horribly injured people crammed in like sardines. Luka gets a patient with "full thickness burns" over most of his body; as they wheel him past Finger, Finger calls out, "Ernesto!" and seems pretty agitated. They converse in Spanish, and the paramedic confirms that Finger and Ernesto work together. Luka looks over at Weaver, who looks guilty, and then covers by calling to Mark to ask what's open; they end up taking Ernesto, the burn victim, to a suture room.

Weaver crutches into a trauma room, where Malucci is treating a woman who's jittering on the bed; Malucci suspects she's suffered an electrical burn, and that she may have touched a power line when she pulled some rubble off her daughter. She asks something in anguished Spanish, and Dr. Dave answers; it really galls me that Dr. Dave can do something I can't. The patient (let's call her Watts, in honour of the possible electrical burn) says she doesn't know where her daughter is; Dr. Dave says the daughter is five and her first name is Araceli. Weaver tells Haleh to contact Dispatch and find out whether they have a five-year-old girl. Watts is still jittering; Weaver orders that she be put on a pulse ox. Haleh removes one of Watts's shoes and says she's found an exit wound; Weaver asks where the entry is, and Dr. Dave observes, "She's burned from the inside out." Weaver asks Dr. Dave the voltage on the line Watts may have touched, and he says he doesn't know; Weaver barks at him to get on the phone to "the incident commander" and find out.

In the next room, Carter and Benton work on a patient on the bed who is struggling against their ministrations. Carter thinks he has "about twenty percent partial thickness burns." Benton yells that he needs a chest tube. Chuny comes in to tell Lily she needs her to prep for an escharotomy. Carter comments, "That doesn't sound very good." Chuny asks her to come set up a laryngoscope; Lily says she will in a minute, Chuny says she needs it now, and Benton tells Lily to go.

Chuny and Lily hurry into the next room, where Luka is treating Ernesto. Luka estimates ninety-two percent surface area burns. Damn. Ernesto's skin is reptilian in texture, and a terrible, angry purple colour. Ernesto asks Chuny how bad it is; Luka tells her to say that it's very serious. Ernesto asks whether he's going to die. I guess he doesn't notice the fact that Luka's black cowl is practically concealing his whole face, and that his scythe keeps getting tangled in the IV tubes. Luka replies, "Most likely, yes." Chuny relays the answer, and Ernesto huffs a bit; I can't tell if he's crying.

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