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...the men's room, where they commence making out. Just kidding. Really, they go into a meeting room crammed with reporters. As soon as Benton and Romano appear, the flashes start going off, and Benton looks justifiably confused. Romano makes for the podium and apologizes to the room at large for the delay; the reporters milling about take their seats. Romano declares, "Okay, now, as you are all aware, we at the County level are very concerned about the declining numbers of minority medical-school students and faculty positions -- not only here in Chicago, but nationwide. The medical school is committed to addressing this issue, and as part of that commitment, I am appointing a Director of Diversity for the medical centre: Dr. Peter Benton." Finally realizing that this is no average dog-and-pony show -- and realizing exactly what he's committed to do -- Benton rapidly shakes his head at Romano, who ignores him and says, "Dr. Benton's bio and résumé can be found in your handout materials. So! He's all yours." Romano moves away from the podium; Benton remains rooted in place. A female reporter asks Benton whether his appointment is the direct result of a report in the Tribune about the declining numbers of African-Americans being admitted to medical school. Benton half-smiles, and reluctantly steps over to the podium, leaning over in order to reach the microphones that had been set at Romano's height; he stammers out an answer that basically adds up to "maybe." Another reporter asks how Benton can assure minority representation in a post-affirmative action era. Benton glares at Romano, who smirks. Credits.

Long, "arty" shot of a polished, sombre hallway. In the distance, John "Pillsbury Doughboy" Carter is asking a woman in a lab coat (who's presumably a health-care worker of some kind), "Is he drinking?" "Just water," the woman replies. "He had a little rice three days ago." He asks about an IV, and the woman reminds him that she can't start an IV without a court order. Stopping in a doorway, Carter asks the woman to call a Dr. Sampson. She quietly informs him that Dr. Sampson is no longer employed there, adding, "Dr. Miller treats your cousin now." Carter tells her to call Dr. Miller, then, and the woman says it probably isn't necessary to do so now that Carter is here. "Why?" Carter asks. "I think he's just lonely," she replies. Carter sighs heavily, and asks her to bring him a "protein shake, or something." She takes off. Carter crosses the threshold. And I have to say, it's about goddamn time they reunited Carter and Chase -- for it is Chase who's on an apparent hunger strike, sitting in a darkened room, pouting. Carter doffs his coat and sits down in a wheelchair next to Chase. Carter apologizes for not having "been around here much," but claims he's been busy. "For a year?" Chase mumbles, still looking down. "You're right," Carter allows, "you're right, that's not an excuse. Hey, your speech sounds good! You been, uh, gettin' around much?" "No," Chase grunts. The woman reappears with a can of Ensure and Carter shakes it up, chiding Chase that he has to eat something. Chase lets out a strangled "nope." Carter asks him what's wrong and, popping the top on the can, tries to lift it to Chase's lips; Chase angrily bats the can away, growling, "No!" "Maybe later," Carter murmurs. "No way," replies Chase, scowling.

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