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In another part of the hospital, the press conference is evidently over, and Romano is reminding Benton that he gave Benton a promotion, so Benton shouldn't be "crying about" it. Benton prisses that Romano should have told him what the job was. Yeah, shoulda coulda woulda. You know it's Romano. You know he can't be trusted. You should have known to get something fairly detailed in writing before you jumped off a cliff, blind. It's not like he's never screwed you over before. Romano points out that he never lied in his description of the job -- he just didn't include all the salient information. Benton pouts, "I don't like being used," and Romano drones, "Everyone is used, Peter. It's what makes the world go 'round." Benton obviouses that he only got the job because he's black, and Romano sarcastically tells him not to discount his finely honed public-relations skills. "I don't want it," Benton snaps. "Sure you do," Romano replies. Benton insists that he doesn't, and Romano tells him he should have thought of that before his press conference. Heh. Finally he cracks and blurts, "Look, surprise -- yes, I need a minority to be the Director of Diversity, but it's not going to require any real work, it's going to get you that much closer to a full-time faculty position, so please get over yourself!" Benton stops and drawls, "You know what? You can find somebody else to be your little poster boy." Romano sputters for a second and then admits, "The truth is, I don't have anyone else -- which is a perfect example of why the diversity issue needs your immediate attention." Benton scoffs, "You don't even believe that." "Actually, I do," Romano retorts, "but, look -- it doesn't really matter, does it? It's on your shoulders now." He takes off, leaving Benton to stew in his own diverse juices.

Romano storms into Elizabeth "Choke, Bloat" Corday's office and demands, "Did I misread the schedule?" Elizabeth, partially concealed behind several stacks of paperwork, distractedly asks, "What schedule?" Romano exposits that she cancelled six elective procedures in the past week. Elizabeth corrects him, saying that they were rescheduled, not cancelled. "Which means 'cancelled,'" he snaps. Elizabeth defensively says that one had a fever, and another had a family emergency. Romano points out that all six were complicated procedures. Elizabeth huffs that if that's the case, it's a "simple coincidence." She adds that she's been slammed by a JACHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations -- also abbreviated to JCAHO, it seems) review. Heh. That used to come up last year when Omar G was recapping City of Angels, only we both thought it was spelled "Jayko" and didn't know what it was. Thank you, closed captions! Anyway, there's a JACHO review coming up, and Elizabeth claims that nothing is up to code. Romano says he has every confidence that she'll get things up to code in time, but adds that he needs an Associate Chief of Surgery who actually performs surgery from time to time. This seems to catch Elizabeth off-guard, and she even more defensively stammers, "I do! I will -- gladly -- once I get out from under all of this." Romano tells her that she'll have to do it today, and that she's covering the ER. She squeals after him that JACHO is coming on Monday, and he reminds her that she only has to go down if the ER pages her. Elizabeth covers her face with her hands.

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