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Speaking of the ER, let's go back down there and watch as Lisa examines Poston's ear. He asks if she's married, and she says she isn't. "Cute girl like yourself?" he flirts, and she tells him that he didn't crack his skull. He can't hear her because of the thing in his ear, and she repeats the good news. "He couldn't crack a smile," Poston derisively says of Bosley, and adds that he's a big proponent of marriage: "'Course, you gotta be married to the right person." Lisa twinkles, "Is that a proposal?" Poston coos that they'll have to get to know each other first. Lisa chuckles, and tells him that they still have to wait for an x-ray of his hand, but that he doesn't seem to have sustained any other injuries; she asks him if anything else hurts. "Nothing I want to talk about it mixed company," Poston stiffly replies. Lisa reminds him that she's a nurse, and he declares, "Just the same, if I'm going to talk to you about my private parts, I'd prefer to do it in a social setting." Lisa frankly asks him if it hurts when he pees. "Yeah, how'd you know?" he marvels. She asks whether he has an enlarged prostate, and he philosophically replies, "It's large enough." She tells him that it could be prostatitis, and that she'll need a urine sample. She leans on the railing of his bed and holds out the sample cup, and he cracks that she'll have to hold it a little lower. She chuckles again, and tells him that she'll show him to the bathroom. Poston volunteers, "Actually, it feels more like something you pick up." "'Pick up'?" Lisa asks, and he explains that he means it burns, and that he had it once before, when he was stationed in Korea. "" Lisa asks. "Well, I didn't get it from dancing," Poston jokes. At this moment, Haleh appears at the door and calls Lisa away to attend to a victim of a gunshot wound to the head. Lisa takes off, telling Poston to pee in the cup. "From here?" he quavers. She rolls her eyes and goes.

Pam the Paramedic gives Mark the bullet (as it were) on the gunshot victim. Mark calls for labs and gets Gunshot onto the bed. Suddenly Elizabeth is there, too, asking if there was a suicide note. Pam says Gunshot's "friend claimed they were playing Russian Roulette." Everyone seems appropriately disgusted. Pam adds that Gunshot's friend is in the rig behind hers, since the bullet went through Gunshot and grazed his friend's cheek. Mark says that Gunshot has no response to painful stimuli, and Elizabeth says she smells alcohol, and that Gunshot could just be drunk. Elizabeth calls for them to "pump in O-neg." Mark asks what she's doing, and she explains that the massive blood loss from Gunshot's scalp could be the cause of his low blood pressure. "Or he could have blown out his brain stem," Mark suggests. Elizabeth stops dead at this, the possibility apparently not having even crossed her mind. She glances at Gunshot as if she'd forgotten where she is. Lisa announces the patient's crit, and Mark persists, "Doesn't sound like blood loss." The camera stays on Elizabeth as she looks completely at a loss as to what to do. Haleh asks whether she still wants the O-neg. Mouth hanging open, Elizabeth looks to Mark, who asks if she wants to try transfusing Gunshot. Elizabeth pounces on this and tells them to hang two units. Lisa looks watchful; Haleh seems to have stopped just short of rolling her eyes as she duly hangs a bag on a pole. "What?!" Elizabeth demands -- again, defensively. "Nothing," Haleh sniffs, but you know she's thinking, "Girl, please." Pam hands Mark a sheet of paper; Mark asks her, "Is this the other guy?" and Pam confirms that it the sheet does, indeed, pertain to Gunshot's friend. I'll call him Cheek.

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