Survival Of The Fittest

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Survival Of The Fittest

Luka performs an ultrasound on Emily. Emily, however, is not looking at the ultrasound monitor at all, and has a magazine open about an inch away from her face as she reads, "'It's time to explore new places. Even though Taureans cringe at the thought of change, trust what lies ahead is a fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.'" Luka bites his tongue, but looks pained. Emily sets down the magazine and exclaims, around the gum she's chewing, "That's so perfect!" "What?" Luka asks. "My horoscope. What's your sign?" she asks. Suddenly I'm really curious about that, too. Luka doesn't know. She asks when his birthday is, but instead of answering, he tells her that she appears to be about ten weeks along. She asks when she'll have the baby, and he says it'll be in November. All the best people are born in November. Emily distractedly says that'll be an "early Christmas present," and then holds up a magazine page with a picture of a baby on it and coos, "Ooh, look how cute!" Luka tries, once again, to talk some sense into Emily, by telling her that babies are a lot of responsibility. She claims she knows. He tells her it's hard work getting up in the middle of the night. She claims that it's easy, "if you love them." Ha. No, it's not. Ask a parent. Luka asks how old Mrs. Emily was when Emily was born, and Emily says she was sixteen. Geez, they sure don't have as good a relationship as the mom-at-sixteen on Gilmore Girls. Luka suggests that Mrs. Emily would have been a better mother if she'd waited a little longer before having Emily. Emily snorts, "I'm way more mature than she was at sixteen." Luka sighs, giving up, and says that he's going to send a social worker to speak with Emily. "Good," she enthuses. "I need to sign up." "For what?" Luka asks. "Money!" Emily explains. "When my friend Gina had a baby, she started getting a cheque every month." Luka's jaw drops. Emily, unconcerned, blows a bubble. Ugh, this plot line made me feel sick. I'm not a reactionary, but twelve-year-olds should not have babies. Period.

Outside Laura's trauma room, Mark asks whether there's any word from the OR; Randi says they're still working. I assume he's asking about Elizabeth. Inside the trauma room, Greg is having an animated conversation with a woman I'll presume is Dr. Alexander, because Greg is screaming, "I said no!" Mark enters the room just as Dr. Alexander promises that it'll only take a few minutes, and that they won't harm Laura in any way. Greg commands her to stay the hell away from his wife. Mark introduces himself to Dr. Alexander, and Greg asks Mark to keep her away from Laura. Mark and Dr. Alexander leave the room; in the hall, Mark hisses at her, "What are you doing?" She says that they were discussing Laura's condition. Mark reminds Dr. Alexander that she is only a consultant, and that she should speak to Mark first. Behind them, Greg paces. Dr. Alexander says that she couldn't find Mark, and that she was reviewing Laura's records when Greg walked in. Mark spits, "No, you weren't -- you were twisting his arm because you want to harvest the eggs." Dr. Alexander says she only presented it as an option. Mark declares that Greg will never let Dr. Alexander do it. Dr. Alexander sneers that Laura's already given her consent. I don't really understand why the fertility doctor is being set up as the villain of the piece, but whatever. Mark breathes, "He just lost his wife. Leave him alone." Dr. Alexander comments, "She's going to need a lengthy hospitalization, then round-the-clock home nursing care. That's a tremendous financial burden." "Thanks to your fertility drugs!" Mark hisses. Dr. Alexander doesn't think so: "I've been doing IVF [in-vitro fertilization] for twelve years, and I've never seen this happen. She must have a protein S or an anti-thrombin deficiency." Mark says that those are pretty rare conditions, but Dr. Alexander says they're not as rare as a vascular occlusion from FSH. Mark, after a beat, says that he'll send up the labs. Dr. Alexander -- who has a distractingly prominent Bajoran brow ridge -- says that there's only an hour left to retrieve the eggs, and that it's only a ten-minute procedure that will give Greg and Laura "a nice financial cushion." She asks Mark to try to calm Greg down and convince him to go through with it. Mark promises nothing.

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