Survival Of The Fittest

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Survival Of The Fittest

We pan from a chest x-ray to a man and a woman sitting in the hall with Benton. I'll assume they're Mrs. Howard's family. Mr. Howard is telling Benton that Mrs. Howard wrote children's books. Ms. Howard shakes her head and says she can't believe this is happening: "She's had dementia for such a long time....Usually, she's forgetful, or thinks she's still living at home, but she's never been agitated or violent." Mr. Howard adds that he can't imagine her fighting with the police. Ms. Howard asks Benton, "So, you're sure it's nothing from the surgery." Benton says he's sure, adding that dementia's a progressive disease and that, over time, there are worsening psychiatric symptoms. Mr. Howard says it's been hard to watch her deteriorate. Benton says that even little things can lead to agitation, like sleep deprivation or a bladder infection, and that they think it was dehydration in Mrs. Howard's case. Mr. Howard asks, "From not drinking enough?" Ms. Howard bitterly says, "I told you, there's too many people at that nursing home. They weren't even giving her water! I never should have moved her out of the house." Mr. Howard puts his arm around Ms. Howard and insists, "It was too much for you." Ms. Howard, her voice breaking a little, insists, "I could have done it! I could have cared for her! I was the one who put her in there." Benton firmly says, "This is not your fault." Ms. Howard presses her lips together and says, "Thank you, Dr. Benton. I know she appreciated your kindness." Benton looks guilty.

Luka, wearing gloves, uses a cotton swab to apply something to the left palm of a sleeping Dr. Dave. Lisa enters and says she's been looking everywhere for him. Luka shushes her. Long story short, Luka was putting an adhesive called Dermabond on Dr. Dave's hand, and then sticks his hand to his forehead. Wah. Lisa and Luka leave, snickering. Dr. Dave snores. Oh, you wacky April Fools.

Rena and Carter, in their coats, make to leave. Mark calls to Carter to "pitch in with some chart reviews." Rena tells Carter it's okay, but Carter tells Mark he promised Rena he'd help her study. "Tutoring?" asks Mark. Heh. Carter deflects by asking Rena, "It's a mid-term, right?" Rena tells Mark "Family Studies" at the same time Carter says, "Psychology." Mark's like, whatever, goodnight, Carter. Mark turns to ask Randi to call the OR again, but Elizabeth comes around the corner, huffing, "Don't bother." They back-and-forth about how long it took, and he helps her onto a bed to save her aching ankles. Randi comes up to tell Elizabeth that her dinner has arrived; she hands Elizabeth a card, and Mark a box of pizza with a pint of ice cream balanced on it. Elizabeth reads: "'Nice work, Mom.' It's from Robert!" Mark suggests that they have someone taste it first. Elizabeth whispers that she's "so hungry." Mark reports that he's holding pepperoni pizza, and product-places the "Cherry Garcia" ice cream. Elizabeth squeals that they should go with the ice cream first. He feeds her some and she exclaims over how good it is. We get it. As they eat, she talks about how crappy her day was, and that she's had an epiphany: "Why do I have to prove that a pregnant surgeon can be competent?" Mark doesn't know. She says that she could operate until the day she delivers, but why should she? She says that she's on maternity leave, effective immediately. God, finally. Mark and Elizabeth kiss. "Happy Together" plays on the soundtrack. Oh, gross.

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