Survival Of The Fittest

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Survival Of The Fittest know, there's a school bus in the ambulance bay. But the kids seem fine, as far as we can tell from the ones hanging out the windows as Chuny, Carter, and Lisa come out to see what the deal is. A teacher comes off the bus with a blond boy, briskly introduces herself as Grace Linden, and says that the boy, Stuart, is having an asthma attack. Carter sends Chuny in for supplies and asks Stuart whether he uses an inhaler. Stuart produces one and gasps, "Empty!" Lisa asks how long Stuart has "been bad," and Ms. Linden says it's been about ten minutes, adding, "There were fumes on the bus." "Exhaust fumes?" Carter asks. Ms. Linden says that it was something else: "A lot of the kids have headaches and some of them are throwing up." Carter says that they can't bring the kids inside since it's a HazMat situation: "Until we can confirm there's no contamination, you're all going to have to wait outside." "In the cold?" Ms. Linden demands.

I guess the answer is yes, because we cut back inside. Mark "Bore Bore Bore! How Do You Like It, How Do You Like It?" Greene strolls down the hall just as Elizabeth sends Eddie up for surgery. He asks what it is; she tells him. He says he thought Benton was on. Elizabeth's like, "Yeah. So?" Mark asks how long the case is. She replies, "Couple of hepatic drains, couple of sutures, and we'll be done." Mark says it "sounds quick." She confirms that it "should be." Mark hopes so. Shut up, both of you.

The kids file off the bus and Ms. Linden directs them to some holding pen. Carter calls out some drug orders for Stuart -- including Bishop Cromwell's favourite, Solumedrol -- and when a gurney rolls into the bottom of the frame, Carter tells Lisa that they need to bag Stuart's clothes and get him inside. Both Carter and Lisa help Stuart onto the bed; he doesn't quite make it on his first attempt, and three punks leaning out the back window chant, "Stu, Stu, Stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-pid!" From Stuart's reaction, it's clear this is a witticism with which he is quite familiar. The head punk nasals, "Hey, I think you broke your ass -- I can see the crack!" Ms. Linden tells the kids to stow it. Carter helps Stuart -- who is a little on the chunky side -- off with his shirt, and Lisa tries to distract Stuart's attention away from the trio of punks by asking whether they're all on a field trip. Stuart, getting his breath back, nods that they were on their way to the Art Institute to see the Gauguin exhibit, but that they never made it. Punk #1 calls out to a now-shirtless Stuart, "Hey, nice rack, Stu! Make 'em bounce!" Lisa, exasperated, tells the kid, "That's enough!" Undeterred, Punk #3 adds, "Hey, Doc, do you do liposuction?" Ms. Linden makes some principal-related threat. Carter quietly tells Stuart, "Don't even listen to them." Easy for you to say, Slim.

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