Survival Of The Fittest

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Survival Of The Fittest

Up in surgery, Shirley arranges the OR as Elizabeth scrubs. Robert "Rocket" Romano pokes his head in to say he heard she was "doing an ex-lap on a GSW." Elizabeth confirms this report. Romano needles, "Sure you can still reach the table?" "At least I can see the table," she replies pleasantly. Heh. Romano fake-laughs and says, "I was going to offer to assist after my AV shunt, but not if you're going to go pre-natal on me!" Elizabeth says that if he really wants to help, he can order her some pizza and ice cream. Romano gives her an appraising look and asks, "You think you need it?" That's something you should just never ask someone who's just expressed a desire for junk food -- man or woman. People like pizza and ice cream. Leave us alone! D'oh, I was projecting again. Elizabeth sneers.

In a hall in the ER, Benton stitches up Kenny (formerly Mr. Cop) as Ms. Cop stands by. Down the hall, Mrs. Howard moans that she needs to use the toilet, as Weaver tries (unsuccessfully) to calm her down. Weaver and an orderly roll Mrs. Howard's bed a little way down the hall, closer to Kenny and Benton. At this moment, Carter and Chuny come in with Stuart's bed; Carter calls Weaver to help, and Weaver leaves Mrs. Howard, asking Chuny to help Mrs. Howard with a bedpan. Carter asks Weaver where she wants to put Stuart. Chuny lowers the rail on Mrs. Howard's bed, but before she can make with the bedpan, Malik comes around the corner to tell Chuny she has a patient seizing. Chuny takes off. As soon as she's alone (well, unattended, anyway), Mrs. Howard throws off her blanket and climbs unsteadily out of bed, muttering, "Can't keep me here. You can let me go if I want to go. I'm not a prisoner. I'm not," and so forth. Benton performs some minor test on Kenny, I guess to see how bad his arm injury is, and just as we get to see what a nice ass Kenny has, Mrs. Howard reaches his bed and picks up Kenny's gun out of its holster, where it was just lying out, totally unattended in a very busy ER. After a moment, Kenny glances up and yells, "Hey!" Mrs. Howard totters down the hall in the other direction, feebly waving the gun around in her limp hand. Ms. Cop springs into action, pulling her gun on Mrs. Howard, and -- calmly, though urgently -- telling her to drop the gun. By now, everyone is watching to see what will happen -- Weaver, Stuart, Carter, etc. Mrs. Howard wails, "This is not right! You can't do this to me! Just leave me alone!" Kenny tells Mrs. Howard that if she puts the gun down, no one will get hurt. "LEAVE ME ALONE! Just leave me alone!" she shrieks. Ms. Cop repeats her order for Mrs. Howard to drop the gun. Carter positions himself between Mrs. Howard and Stuart. Ms. Cop shoots Mrs. Howard twice in the chest, and she drops like a sack of potatoes.

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