Survival Of The Fittest

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Survival Of The Fittest

Trauma room. It doesn't look good for Mrs. Howard. Kenny and Ms. Cop are back at the end of the bed. A guy -- presumably an Internal Affairs investigator -- comes in and asks Ms. Cop (hereafter Officer Kimball) whether she discharged her weapon. She nods, and Det. IA directs her down the hall toward another detective, telling Kenny to stay with him. Det. IA asks for the names of the treating physicians. Weaver gives her name and, when Benton ignores Det. IA, his as well. Det. IA asks whether they witnessed the shooting; Weaver says they both did, and then confirms the spelling of Benton's name. Det. IA asks, "Is she going to make it?" "Not if you don't let us do our jobs," Benton snaps. "Let me know if she expires," says an unmoved Det. IA, before leaving. Kenny stays behind, transfixed, his eyes flicking between Mrs. Howard's face and Benton's. After a moment, Kenny follows Det. IA out of the room.

In a curtain area, Luka listens to Emily's breathing. She asks whether "that stuff" is still in her lungs, and he says he doesn't think so, since everything sounds fine. She asks what kind of chemical it was, and Luka says they don't know. She asks how, then, they know it's safe, and Luka says they know because her oxygen level is normal, and her lungs are clear. Emily fixes Luka with a slightly defiant look and asks, "Do you think it could hurt my baby?" Luka, duly shocked that this seventh-grader is asking about her baby, asks, "You're pregnant?" "I think so," Emily chirps.

Pam wheels in a bed and gives Mark the bullet on the patient, Laura, who ran her car into a fire hydrant and has no response to verbal commands. They head toward a trauma room, but a cop stops them and tells them it's a crime scene. Mark objects, saying that the patient is critical, but the cop insists that they go around. Mark and Pam relent. Finch shows up and asks what all the cops are there for; Mark tells her there was a shooting. Mark quickly determines that Laura's eyes are equal and reactive, and calls out a bunch of orders. As they wheel into the trauma room, Mark glances through the glass and comments, "It looks like Peter's patient didn't make it." Finch asks which patient Mark means, and Mark replies, "The little old lady from the hall." Finch looks up to see a cop taking photographs of Mrs. Howard. "That's my patient!" Finch (sort of) exclaims. Mark says that the cops shot her. "What?!" Finch snaps in (sort of) shock.

Stuart's still puffing on his tube. Carter comes in and asks if he's feeling better. Stuart says he's starting to, and asks, "Did that lady die?" Carter nods. Stuart asks if he thinks it'll be on the news. Carter does. Stuart notes, "She could have blown my head off! Weren't you scared?" Carter nods and admits, "A little." Stuart asks why, then, Carter got in front of him. Carter says he guesses he wasn't thinking, and admits that he was actually "really scared." "Me too," Stuart confesses. He leans forward, and Carter listens to his lungs, commenting, "You're still wheezing. Have you had a cold?" Stuart says he hasn't. Carter sits down and says, "Something triggered your asthma. Think it was the fumes?" Stuart, looking down, says he doesn't know. "You're not sure?" Carter asks. Stuart shakes his head. Carter says he's just trying to help. Stuart finally cracks: "It was the fumes." Carter asks where they came from. Stuart is mum. Carter murmurs that anything Stuart tells him is a secret. Stuart nods.

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