Tell Me Where It Hurts

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Tell Me Where It Hurts

Carter explains to Nanny, who wears a blank expression, that he's still running tests on her. Susan enters and says she needs the trauma rooms, plus Gallant and Harkins. They exit, leaving Sketchy Dad and Carter alone. Sketchy Dad primly insists that Nanny be moved to a private facility rather than share a room. "Did you ask her why she did it?" Carter asks. Stiffly, Sketchy Dad turns to Nanny and asks her something in Chinese. She gives a brief, embarrassed answer. "She's not depressed!" Sketchy Dad says with totally false relief. "It was an accident! She had taken a couple of pills with wine to help her sleep, and she's sorry to have caused you any trouble." Carter cocks an eyebrow. Impressive how her answer magically matched his theory. Sketchy Dad is psychic. "She said all that?" Carter says sarcastically, alluding to the brevity of her reply versus the long-windedness of his. "Yes," glares Sketchy Dad.

Nathan stands opposite Elizabeth over Spittle's whipple. He's swaying a trifle. "You okay?" she asks. "I've been up for twenty-four hours," he says. "It throws off my meds." Elizabeth yells for suction, so Nathan obliges; his hand is unsteady. "Stop, stop!" she yells. "You're up against the portal vein; pull out before you tear the wall and kill him." Nathan, wounded, panics and says, "Just tell me what to do and I'll do it!" Elizabeth huffs, "I'm trying. Shirley, suction." Nathan steps backward to make room, looking rigid and unsteady, and his elbow suddenly whipples into the instrument tray. The tray goes flying. Elizabeth winces in discomfort and asks for another tray, which they don't have. "Tell me what you want me to do," begs Nathan, desperate. "Nothing," Elizabeth snaps, ordering Shirley to re-sterilize the instruments. "This will pass in about an hour," Nathan whimpers. Elizabeth stares fire right into his chest. Again, a really nice, restrained performance from Don Cheadle, whose body carriage and movements really subtly convey Nathan's physical constraints. He makes me feel sorry for Nathan here, despite my constant irritation with how pushy he's been.

Susan greets two traumas: a man and a boy injured in car accidents. Gallant grabs the father and she takes the eleven-year-old boy. The paramedic says they needed to tube him, but they were so close to the hospital that they just waited. "Get one of the Attendings," Susan screams at Erin.

Sketchy Dad spies Chen in the room with Nanny. "Who's that?" he asks, irritated. "Dr. Chen is translating for me," Carter says brightly. "I should be doing that," bristles Sketchy Dad. "We're a full-service hospital," Carter replies with sass. He enters the room, where Chen informs him that Nanny didn't know she was pregnant. "Ask her if she's sleeping with her boss," Carter insists. Chen seems struck by the bluntness of the query, but Carter wants it asked, so she does it -- and Nanny hangs her head, humiliated, while nodding as slightly as possible.

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