Tell Me Where It Hurts

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Tell Me Where It Hurts

Abby calls Luka into Trauma Yellow with Susan. As she turns, Eric spies her and calls her name, still trailing Carter and babbling about buying planes and money and the air-speed velocity of unladen swallows. "I tried calling you," Abby frets. Eric energetically apologizes for Jody being an immature drama-queen product of the Jerry Springer generation. Abby busts him on being gone from the base for two weeks, and Eric tries way too hard to lie that the base is on a streak of screwing up his leave, and he can fix it with a phone call, and isn't that great, and shouldn't they all do something zany this weekend like fly to Vegas, gamble, and get Abby and Carter hitched at an Elvis chapel. Oh, please do that episode. Seriously. Please. That is Must See TV. Abby finally puts a stop to the rant by firmly raising her voice to say, "Stop it." She busts him on the PTSD. "That was nothing, they cleared me," Eric waves it off. "Every controller I know has PTS assessments. It's their way of getting time off. We even joke about it: How do you know when a controller's suffering form PTS? His tackle box is missing..." And this devolves into a story about how Eric doesn't like fishing, and doesn't Abby remember the time he blah blah yawn-snort drool blahed? Yeah.

"I got your medical records," Abby interrupts Eric desperately. "You didn't tell them Maggie was bi-polar." Eric stops. "What are you, the KGB?" he shouts, betrayed. Sgt. Andrews -- who can smell a kerfuffle from a mile away and a squabble from even further -- shows up just in time to apprehend his miscreant. Eric gapes. Abby insists that she didn't call them there, and tries to protect Eric, but Andrews grabs him to arrest him. Eric wriggles and spouts facile lies about how the guy covering for him was in an accident and he only just now found out about it, and they should call his CO, and he's only there to inform Abby en route back to the base, and it's a really painful and long fib and Abby is clearly wrestling with alarm. Eric begs Abby to confirm this, but Andrews is trying to cuff him. "Let me get my stuff!" Eric screams, trying to bolt to his car. "Just...don't hurt him," pleads Abby, her voice breaking. "At least let me give him something to calm him down!" Andrews refuses. Eric is led off in fury, screaming at Abby. "Is this what you wanted, Abby? Are you happy now? Lock me up and throw away the key, Eric's been a bad boy," he shouts. "Thanks a lot, Abby! Thank you!" Abby stares after him, trying not to cry.

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