Tell Me Where It Hurts

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Tell Me Where It Hurts

The boy Susan's treating, now with Luka's aid, is in shock. His breathing's bad. Erin looks nervous as Susan tries to intubate. Chen offers help. "Nope," Luka says. "Yes," Susan panics at the same time. "I can't see squat." Erin purses up her perky little face. With difficulty, Susan finally intubates and hands the case off to a startled Chen. "You're not done here," Luka says, surprised. "He's in good hands," Susan calls out, leaving. Weaver, from Trauma Green, sees Susan go and seems perplexed by it. We fade to black hoping this doesn't end later this season with a heartwarming moment in which little Weavus is christened "Susan."

Weaver enters Trauma Yellow to check on the boy. Chen says they put him on a ventilator, but his pressure's dropped. "Could be a tension pneumo," Luka observes. Erin says his sats are dropping. They commence compressions and Luka yells for a thoracotomy tray. They're going to crack his chest. "What is he doing?" Erin whispers to Chen. What? I'm not a med student, and I hate Learning Channel-style medical programming, yet even I've seen a rib spreader at work. And, oh look, here I get to see it again, replete with goo. Rollicking. We get a shot of the boy's heart as Luka pulls apart his rib cage. That's so pretty. Erin looks freaked, and so do I. "Bag him faster," Luka says, leaning down to listen to the heart. "Hear it?" There's a leak somewhere. Luka fiddles with the boy's heart, plugging and clamping something that I wish I understood, and lo and behold, he saves the boy's life. Weaver looks relieved when Chen announces that she's got a pulse. "Wow," breathes Erin, gazing into the boy's open chest. She needs to get out more.

Carter and Chen double-team Nanny to convince her that she can leave the confines of the family and still be safe. Chen tries to explain the concept of a women's shelter in Chinese, at Carter's behest; Nanny shakes her head. "What is she afraid of?" Carter asks, impatiently. "Living in poverty, deportation, take your pick," Chen says. "It's called trafficking in persons -- women are brought over, offered jobs, and wind up indentured servants." Nanny sees fit to speak English all of a sudden. "I can't leave my baby," she cries. Carter promises no one can take it. "Not THIS baby," she spits. "Aidan." They can't believe the kid is her boy; Nanny nods, sadly.

Nathan watches over Spittle, who's all whippled out for the day. Elizabeth approaches to try extubating him; it doesn’t work. He can't breathe on his own. Nathan shakes his head sadly, unable to understand. He seems chagrined. "I'll go talk with the family," he offers. "Nope, I'm afraid I get to do that," Elizabeth sighs. Wuh? He's not dead. He's just not breathing on his own yet. Give the whipple time to work its magic.

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