Tell Me Where It Hurts

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Tell Me Where It Hurts

Abby hangs up the phone. "I knew something was wrong. I knew it. I told you," she panics to Carter. He does the worst thing anyone can do in this situation: He says everything will be okay. "No, it's not. Don't say that. He's sick," Abby whimpers. "I don't even know where they took him...I can't go bail him out, I don't know who [sic] to call." She's scared he's languishing in a VA loony bin somewhere. Carter reassures her that they'll hire him a great lawyer. Okay, moneybags, that's not helping, either. Carter orders her to go home and get someone else to cover her shift. Abby doesn't seem thrilled at the idea, and mopes.

Susan stands outside, stone-faced. Weaver sidles up to her. "I thought you left," she says. Susan asks how the boy is; Weaver says he had a hylar leak, but Luka cracked his chest and everything came up roses. "You would've done the same," Weaver insists gently. "I killed three people," Susan self-pities. "It would've been four if I'd stayed with that kid." Weaver shakes her head and clarifies that Susan killed nobody -- she was just unable to save three people. "I've seen you save twice that many without breaking a sweat," Weaver smiles comfortingly. Susan nods gratefully. She's been Touched By A Weavus. That's going to be a killer spin-off. "Go home, have a drink. Tomorrow's another day," Weaver smiles. "But if you lose more than one patient, you're fired." They swap grins.

Sandy Lopez approaches, and she and Kerry envelop each other in a loving hug. Now, that's chemistry. Are you watching, Abby and Carter? Susan does that thing where you smile happily for a person but you aren't sure if you should look or not, so she lets her eyes flicker around. Kerry and Sandy begin to leave, but Sandy urges Kerry to tell Susan the good news about Weavus. Kerry turns. "Susan, uh, we're going to have a baby," Kerry beams. Stunned, Susan looks at Sandy and says, "You're pregnant?" Man, wonder how that made Kerry feel. Sandy protests laughingly and points to Kerry. Susan is delighted and hugs Kerry, whose face is absolutely radiant. It's sweet.

Sketchy Dad frostily escorts Nanny out of the hospital. Carter and Chen chase after them, the former shouting that there are laws against slavery. Sketchy Dad leaves Nanny there to hash this out while he brings around the car. "It's wrong," Carter insists. Nanny cries that she's got family back in China who need the money she makes. Chen offers to help her find another job. "They'll take your baby, just like they took Aidan," Carter says cruelly. Nanny sobs that she spends more time with Aidan than Sketchy Dad and Mrs. Sketchy Dad do. "Does he even know? That you're his mother?" Carter asks, trying to prove a point. "He doesn't," Nanny weeps softly. "But I do." She leaves. Carter and Chen look defeated. They're not as good at crusading for social justice as they thought.

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