Tell Me Where It Hurts

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Tell Me Where It Hurts

Carter rubs her back. "I'm so glad you're home," she whispers. Carter apologizes. "I wanted you to be wrong," he says. "For both of you." Abby backs away with a rueful smile, cursing her screwed-up family. She sits at the table. "If I were you, I'd run from my life and never come back," she says, subtly daring him to do it. Carter tries to lighten things by pointing out that she doesn't have the monopoly on certifiable families, pointing to his own brood as an example. She chuckles, but it's short-lived. "I'm really scared for him, Carter," she chokes. "It's so unfair. Because he was such a good kid, and...we went through so much growing up, and I thought I got him through, I thought he was safe." Abby blinks back the tears that are wetting her eyes and clogging her throat. She hasn't looked at Carter; she's staring off somewhere else, and I like to think she's staring morosely at the wine glass, but we can't see if that's true. Carter promises to get Eric some help. "Nothing that you did or didn't do would've prevented this," he offers. Abby blinks hard, her eyes actually managing to redden before our eyes. You know TPTB trusts Maura Tierney as an actress when they'll leave the camera on her for such long stints during an emotional scene. They know she'll let the feelings wash over her with the right nuances. "It's just that Eric, uh...he was the only constant thing in my life," Abby grieves. "He was the only thing I could ever count on." Carter leans toward her. "That's not true anymore," he vows. Abby still stares at the table, looking as if she's concentrating completely on keeping her lip from trembling. "Promise?" she whispers. And that's why I think Carter and Abby might end up doomed -- because I think she's with him so he'll help make her rock-solid, not because she's overcome with passion for his bod. Abby looks up at him. "Because I really need something to hang on to right now," she admits, her voice beginning to break. She looks lost, bites her fingernails in girlish uncertainty, then peeks up into her boyfriend's eyes. "I'm not going anywhere," he promises.

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