Tell Me Where It Hurts

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Tell Me Where It Hurts

Gallant relieves the entire world of the weight of suspense when he says that the Asian girl's vitals are normal. Carter -- clearly so involved in this case -- promptly asks Abby if her phone is working. "No," she says curtly. They then establish that the girl tested positive for barbiturates, has no blood-alcohol level, and is pregnant. "Ma'am, are you pregnant?" yells Carter, because shouting at the top of your lungs truly breaks the language barrier. Carter asks for Chen to translate, then announces they'll perform an ultrasound to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. Erin immediately asks to do the ultrasound. Carter's fine with that.

Abby is pouting outside. Carter apologizes for making her drop the phone, but does point out that they were stuck in the middle of a trauma case at the time, making it possibly the worst moment to be away on the phone. "Maybe he'll call back," Carter offers. Abby isn't comforted, so Carter asks how Eric sounded. "Depends who you ask," she says. "Happy, carefree, having the time of his..." Here, Carter pauses to sign something. "," Abby finishes lamely, visibly annoyed that he's not a devoted Abby Show spectator. "He's manic, Carter," she insists.

Frank escorts two soldiers to Abby. A Sgt. Andrews identifies himself as a representative from the Air Force's Office of Special Investigations, which sure worked mighty quickly. "I understand you're treating Eric Wyczenski," he intones. Abby awkwardly lies that Eric bolted against medical advice as Carter watches her, bemused. Then she tries to hustle Carter out of there, ascribing her hasty retreat to an incoming trauma. Andrews wants to see the treating physician. "He had to leave," Abby fibs badly, suggesting that Andrews leave him a card at the front desk. She shoves Carter away somewhere private. Ew, no, not there.

"What was that about?" Carter whispers suspiciously. Abby coughs that she was about to tell him everything, and hands over a copy of Eric's medical records. "I said we were treating him," she confesses. Carter lists the things she'd need -- Eric's signature and a written statement from his doctor -- and as he speaks, locates both items, which Abby had forged. He's stunned to see his own name involved. "You forged my name, too?" he asks, softly. "Do you know how much trouble we could get in for this?" Abby just urges him to read the file, but Carter won't, so she gives him the skinny: Eric took a leave of absence for post-traumatic stress disorder after a near-miss incident as an air-traffic controller. He was in therapy, but not medicated. Carter insists that in a high-stress job, such things happen, and drugs weren't necessarily required. "What if it wasn't PTSD?" Abby whispers, convinced that Eric's turning bi-polar. Carter insists Eric's too old; Abby swears that if he was depressed six months ago, he's now cycling into a manic phase. "Why didn't the Air Force catch it?" Carter sighs, exasperated. Abby triumphantly, if a bit sadly, reveals her ace, which is that Eric lied to the Air Force about his family's history of depression. "He's lying to his doctors," she says. "Like you did to get those records," Carter says importantly. And as irritating as that remark came off, I have to agree that Abby acted a bit stupidly. Couldn't she have called as Eric's next of kin?

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