The Crossing

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The Crossing

Crash scene. Luka supervises as Pin, on a backboard, is handed out of the train car through the hole in the roof. We see him running back along the roof to the other end of the car, and then pan down to rejoin Elizabeth's double amputation on Crushed Firefighter. Everyone seems very calm, so I guess it's going as well as can be expected. Crushed Firefighter -- muffled by his oxygen mask -- calls for Capt. Davis and tells him, "I think maybe you should get Patty." Aw. Does he want to get in one last dig before he gives up the ghost? How sweet! Capt. Davis takes off to call her. Elizabeth is in the middle of operating when she suddenly starts groaning and has to lean back, telling Carter where to clamp. Carter asks, "Is it your back?" She squeals, "It's coming and going!" "Intermittent pain?" he asks. "Yes," she moans. "How often?" he asks. She exhales. We all get it, right? If you get it, please send one dollar bill and a stamped, self-addressed envelope to five of your friends, with instructions that, if they also get it, they should each do the same for you and four other friends. I guarantee you that, by the time you've finished reading this episode, you'll have enough money to retire. [not a guarantee]

Metal Bar is still all bloody as Luka returns his attention to her. She looks through the window and sees the paramedics carrying Pin to the helicopter; she quietly says his name, and then tells Luka, "Please -- save him!" Luka asks a nearby firefighter, "How long 'til you're through?" "Another ten minutes, maybe," the firefighter responds. Cut to the part of the metal bar on which Metal Bar is not actually impaled; they're trying to cut through it as she tries not to die.

Outside the train car, Luka runs some more and catches up with Pin on his way to the helicopter. Luka gives some final orders, and the nurse asks, "You're not going with us?" Cut to Pin's face, all little and bloody. Luka relents: "Okay, load him. I'll be right back." The wags in the living room at Wing Manor add, "'I have to go change my turtleneck.'" "'Do I have time for one more flashback?'"

Luka runs over to Crushed Firefighter and tells Carter, "I have to take this boy in. There's a woman back there impaled with spinal shock and I want you to stay with --" Throughout this speech, Elizabeth has been moaning and rocking and generally making such a spectacle of herself that Luka has to stop and ask what the hell is up with her. "She's having contractions," Carter says matter-of-factly. Luka snaps, "What?!" and Carter yells, "She's having contractions at twenty-five weeks!" Damn, Carter -- say it, don't spray it. Elizabeth's all faux-heroic, "I need tocolysis and a fetal monitor! I can keep on going if I can just get [the contractions] to stop." Cut to Crushed Firefighter, who's making a pretty funny face, like, "Oh, this is exactly what I want to hear right now." Here's where the whole thing gets ridiculous. Busy hospitals all over the city because of all the victims? Of course. Doctors needed at said hospitals to deal with traumas as they come in? Obviously. Not one other surgeon, either at County or anywhere else in the city, who could be paged to come and take over a double amputation in the field for a woman who's in the process of having early labour with a scalpel in her hand? Carter, no cell phone to make a call asking for such a surgeon? Paramedics, no radios? Firefighters, ditto? Whatever! That is just stupid. And I will not stand for it! Okay, I will stand for it, but I won't like it. Anyway, Luka asks Pam, "Do you have any terbutaline?" "No," she replies. "In the rig?" Carter tries to jog her memory. Pam says they don't carry it. Elizabeth grunts some more, and Luka tells her to come back to County in the helicopter with him and Pin. Luka adds that Carter should take care of Metal Bar. Carter snits, "What about [Crushed Firefighter]? We just opened the anterior compartment!" Luka barks at Carter to get another surgeon, like, duh! Elizabeth screeches, "We're out of O-neg! We have to finish him now!" Luka asks her if she could monitor Pin in the chopper, and she nods that she could, but that Crushed Firefighter could exsanguinate (I think that's the same as "bleed out") from his left leg. Luka asks Carter, "You were a surgical resident, yeah?" Carter says he was an intern for a year. Luka and Carter exchange a significant look.

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