The Crossing

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The Crossing

Cut to Corday, yelling instructions about Pin as both she and he are loaded into the helicopter. Pin starts crashing, and Elizabeth calls out orders and says she'll intubate. She's still grimacing; the nurse asks, "Are you okay?" and Elizabeth moans, "No!" The helicopter takes off. I pray for a commercial break. My prayer is not answered.

The camera pans back down to Carter as he tries to hear Benton's instructions over the radio. Carter tells Benton he'll have to shout. About ten yards away, Crushed Firefighter screams, "Do you know what you're doing? Does anybody know what they're doing?!" If this were on HBO, there'd definitely be a "fuck" in there somewhere. There's one here as I marvel, "Fucking finally! Commercials!" And I'm not even on HBO.

Dude, segment two is always the longest. Always. I don't know why.

Roof at County. Elizabeth unloads Pin, and is met by Lisa. Elizabeth continues giving orders, and Lisa goes into OB nurse mode, telling Elizabeth to let the other personnel take Pin downstairs. "No! Take him to CT!" Elizabeth control-freaks. Lisa helps Elizabeth into a waiting wheelchair and asks her how often she's been having back pain. Elizabeth says that it's been every four or five minutes. Lisa gently asks, "When's the last time you felt the baby move?" Elizabeth pauses a minute and says, "I don't know. I haven't." Lisa tries to conceal the fear on her face -- and you can actually see the fear pass for a second before she smiles; nice work by Maura Tierney, there -- and says, "Okay."

Crash scene. Metal Bar is finally freed from...well, the rest of the Metal Bar. You know. She dully asks Luka, "Can you call on the radio and see how he is?" Luka assures her that they'll be at the hospital soon. Doris gives the bullet. They very carefully arrange Metal Bar on a bed, and she asks, "Am I going to die?" When no answer is immediately forthcoming, she repeats, "Am I?" Luka tells her they'll get her to the hospital. Metal Bar laboriously intones, "If I die before I get there, you have to make sure they take care of" Pin. Luka promises that they will. Metal Bar says that Pin's father is in Kansas City on business, and that they were coming back from seeing him; she thought it would be fun to take the train. Okay, now I have to ask whether this episode received promotional consideration from American Airlines. We get it. It's not always safer to take the train. Flying is all right. I get it. I GET IT.

Quick cut to Carter, still all amputating as Capt. Davis holds the radio up to his ear. Capt. Davis assures Crushed Firefighter, "We're going to get you through this!" Crushed Firefighter nods wearily, like, "Yeah, yeah, whatever. Hey, if this 'doctor' doesn't work out, maybe you could see if one of those field reporters wants to try to cut my very limbs free of this silo!" As Benton continues giving Carter instructions, William watches in awe. A nearby machine starts beeping, and Weaver calls Benton over to attend to a boy who's herniating; I can't tell if it's Pin. Benton doesn't move, and continues his contact with Carter. Blah blah, Weaver has to keep calling Benton until he finally tells Carter to call Benton back on his cell phone. Carter says he doesn't have it -- it's in his locker. In his locker? That's the best Contrivance could do? Girl, please. William looks shell-shocked, but does not take this opportunity to run away. Carter continues screaming instructions at Benton -- because that is really going to set Crushed Firefighter at ease. At the crash scene, Crushed Firefighter's like, "What the --?" Carter asks for a cell phone; neither Pam nor Capt. Davis has one.

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