The Crossing

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The Crossing

Elizabeth is being a bad patient as Lisa and Chen attend her. Lisa says that terbutaline's on board; Chen tells Lisa to repeat in an hour. Elizabeth, through gritted teeth, asks whether they're sure McLucas hasn't answered her page. Lisa said that they just paged her, and they should give her a chance to respond. Elizabeth barks, "What about Mark?" Lisa says he's on his way. Chen and Lisa are all soothing tones, and Elizabeth's all raging bitch on wheels. Chen tells Elizabeth, "You're about 25% effaced -- but dimpled, not dilated. Okay? We can control that." Elizabeth mutters, "You think so?" Lisa quietly says that an OB resident is on his way, and Elizabeth snarls, "I DON'T WANT A RESIDENT!" Dude, shut up. You're not helping them, and you're not helping yourself, and I know you're tense and scared, but seriously? Shut up. Everyone hates you now, anyway. Ask around. Lisa very seriously tells her, "Elizabeth, you have to calm down and focus, okay? Give the terbutaline a chance to work." Chuny pokes her head in to say that Mark's on the phone; Lisa heads out to get it. Not shown: Lisa getting out of Elizabeth's room and muttering, "Bitch."

We see Chuny leave Elizabeth's curtain area (which, by the way, Elizabeth has all to herself; so much for doubling up and leaving everyone who can walk in chairs) and head past Pin's bed; we can now see it's him, since the nurse from the helicopter is still attending him. Weaver observes that Pin has "one red pupil." Benton determines that Pin needs a "burr hole" and asks, "Where's your perforating drill?" Don't ask Weaver; I hear she's not so much for the perforating drills anymore, if you know what I'm saying, and I think you blah bling blah. Benton, Weaver, and others move Pin into a trauma room. Dr. Dave's already in there cleaning up a patient who's just died (Blunt Chest Trauma, I believe); Benton commands Dr. Dave to move Blunt Chest Trauma up against the wall to make room. Dr. Dave is all snitty, bitterly throwing up his hands as he takes off; I guess there's still some lingering bitterness from that time Benton punched him out. They start working on Pin; Lily pokes her head in to say that Carter's on the phone for Benton. Benton commands William to come over and hold the phone up to Benton's ear. Hello? Speakerphone? Whatever. William makes for the phone, managing not to get in anyone's way in the process.

Crash scene. Capt. Davis tells Crushed Firefighter that they've located Patty, and are going to send a truck to take her to the hospital and meet Crushed Firefighter there. Crushed Firefighter protests that he doesn't want to see her. Capt. Davis says she's already on her way. Crushed Firefighter is all agitated, "No! No, not now!" Carter shrieks at Capt. Davis to hold Crushed Firefighter still. Benton, by the way? Talking Carter through a leg amputation while drilling into a kid's skull. I bet he can read and sing at the same time, like Albert Brooks in Broadcast News. A little jet of blood sprays onto William's gown. Pin starts seizing. Crushed Firefighter whines that he doesn't want Patty to see him now (with stumps for legs, I guess). Carter repeats the order to hold Crushed Firefighter still. Pin continues to seize. Benton tells Carter to use two clamps. Haleh asks Benton, "Two of Ativan?" "Five," Weaver corrects her. Don't make me bust out "Who's on First" on your asses again, with your wacky trauma-room antics. Benton tells everyone in the trauma room that he has to go into Pin's head, and tells everyone to re-paralyze him. Crushed Firefighter starts freaking out like a big whiny baby about seeing his ex-wife. Carter asks one more question, and Benton finally shakes off the phone. Now we know why Carter didn't stay a surgical resident: he needs to have his hand held all the time.

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