The Crossing

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The Crossing

Metal Bar is stable and waiting by the elevator when Pin's trauma team rolls up, trying to cut the surgery line. Luka yells, "No, this one goes straight up! Status, post-cardiac!" Benton and Luka have a little pissing match until Luka sees that Benton's patient is Pin. Luka backs down and asks, "Did you evacuate the clot?" Benton says he did, but that there's still active bleeding. Doris snaps, "She's in shock! He was lucky to get her back the first time." With the camera trained on Luka's face, Benton relents on the OR order, but Luka quietly tells Benton to take Pin first. Benton is in the elevator before Luka can change his mind. Doris is like, "The hell?" Luka's like, "Weren't you paying attention during my many flashbacks?" Then he tells her to start Metal Bar on dopamine, and watches as the elevator numbers light up, carrying Pin to the OR, and to life -- LIFE! And Luka, along with him, to redemption -- REDEMPTION! Or something.

As random extras clean up Blunt Chest Trauma in the next room, Shannon tells Weaver, "I wanted to ask you something. [Did] he die?" Weaver asks who she means. Shannon flicks her head toward the corpse of Blunt Chest Trauma and explains, "That man. They cut open his chest. But he died." Weaver quietly says that Blunt Chest Trauma had a fatal injury. "What about the boy?" Shannon asks, meaning Pin, I assume. Weaver says that he went up to surgery. Shannon asks whether Pin's going to die, and Weaver says she doesn't know. And since, if this person is old enough to drive, that's an odd question to ask -- since any clear-thinking person would realize that Weaver wouldn't have any idea whether Pin was going to live or die -- I think Weaver starts to appreciate that Shannon is kind of messed up in the head. Anyway, Weaver asks, "Is there someone we can call for you? Your mom or your dad?" Shannon leans her head back and darkly declares, "They won't understand." "Won't understand what?" Weaver asks. Dreamily staring at the ceiling, Shannon muses, "I thought it would be painless -- the train would hit my car. I'd just be gone." Chuny and Weaver exchange a look of muted horror.

Crash scene. Crushed Firefighter has been freed.

By the elevator at County, Weaver is barking into the phone about being "saturated." The elevator doors open and Carter comes out, wheeling Crushed Firefighter's bed. Chuny meets him there, and Carter asks her for a bunch of tests. Weaver barks some final ass kicks into the phone and hangs up, going over to tell Carter that they're holding OR 6 for him. Carter says he was just up there, and that there was no surgeon there for Crushed Firefighter. Weaver asks whether Crushed Firefighter is stable; Carter says he is, but that he had to sedate Crushed Firefighter with valium. The other elevator door opens, and Robert "Rocket" Romano, in karate gui, comes out and scolds Carter for apparently being "deaf." He flicks Crushed Firefighter's blanket and asks if he's the pre-op amputation. Carter proudly says that it's a post-op amputation, and starts to explain what he did as Romano looks at Crushed Firefighter's stumps and yelps, "What did they use, a chainsaw?" (Yes.) Carter says that he did it; Romano starts to complain about that, too, and then hustles Crushed Firefighter toward an elevator to go up to surgery. Weaver snaps that Carter wouldn't have had to do it if Romano had answered his page. Romano yells that he can't wear his pager in the dojo. Sorry, I'm going to stop after "dojo." My bosses at what remains my worst job ever -- worse than the collection agency, even -- met each other at their dojo (one affiliated in some way with Steven Seagal), making said dojo the site of the formation of the friendship that would lead to the foundation of one of the most poorly managed companies I've ever seen up close. They hired the company bookkeeper -- a complete incompetent -- because he attended their dojo as well. Though I suppose that's a slightly more professional provenance than that of the company receptionist; my bosses met her in the hot tub at their apartment complex. Blah blah, they get Crushed Firefighter up to surgery, and Weaver says that Carter did good work. "I know," Carter mutters. Shut up, Carter. Someone calls Carter, and he hurries over to some other unseen patient.

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