The Crossing

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The Crossing

Carter jogs straight past Mitchell, who reaches out for Weaver's arm as she calls her name and then, when Weaver draws near, remembers where she is and pulls her arm back. Mitchell confirms that Weaver's called her down to see to a "suicide ideation." As they head for Shannon's trauma room, Mitchell asks whether Shannon had "a plan." Weaver says that she parked her car in front of a train. A little too cavalierly, Mitchell chirps, "Oh! I suppose that qualifies." Weaver adds that Shannon's also in a major depression. Mitchell asks, "Flat affect?" "No real remorse," Weaver replies. "About the suicide attempt?" Mitchell asks, not getting it. "For the train wreck," Weaver says quietly. Mitchell fidgets with her papers and switches gears, asking Weaver if she thinks she'll get off before twelve. Weaver says probably not. They exchange a secret smile; Weaver says she'll try to be quiet, and Mitchell instructs her, "No. Wake me. You know. So we can do it." And...the big blow-up last week? No aftermath? Never happened? We're supposed to pretend we never saw all that raging gay yang? Mitchell decided not to be insulted anymore? I don't get it. Bad continuity. I don't need to see everything spelled out, but, hi. A little hint at how they found their way back to liking each other would be nice.

Then we get the opening scene -- Luka, Barn Jacket, etc. -- again, but from the opposite perspective. Walking wounded, thirty-seven, two ER deaths, go home, Luka. After Weaver crutches off, Randi tells Luka that Shirley called. Luka's all, "Huh?" Randi reminds him that he'd wanted Shirley to call him when Metal Bar and Pin got out of surgery. Luka, hesitantly: "Did they...?" Randi says that Metal Bar has sensation in her legs, and that Pin is neurologically intact. When Luka has no discernible response, Randi prompts, "That's good, right?" Luka agrees that it's good. She whatevers, and he heads for the lounge.

Benton rinses his face in a water fountain, and runs into William. Benton is surprised that William's still there. William says that the nurses thought he was a volunteer, and put him to work. Benton chuckles that now William has an experience to talk about in his interview. William says, "I don't know...." Benton points out, "It's yours -- you might as well use it." William explains, "I mean, I don't know if I want to." "'Want to' what?" Benton asks, crossing his arms. William says, "What I saw tonight -- most people go their whole lives without seeing stuff like that!" Benton nods indulgently. William goes on, "Drilling into a little boy's head? Guys having their legs cut off? People dying -- right in front of you?" Benton drawls, "You get used to it." William says, "Yeah -- that's what I'm afraid of. But thanks for helping me find out early." Benton tells him, "Go to the interview." William protests, "Dr. Benton --" Benton repeats, "Go to the interview. You may feel differently in a few days." "I know, but --" William attempts. "Give yourself options," Benton suggests, and ambles off. Quinn exhorts William to walk away from the camera, but his prayers are not answered, either.

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