The Crossing

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The Crossing

Mark's and Elizabeth's baby is going to live, but Elizabeth will need a lot of bed rest. Elizabeth says that the baby suddenly seems real. Lisa comes in to say that OB is waiting, and that transpo is coming to pick her up. Elizabeth, subdued, thanks her. Lisa reminds Elizabeth that the fetal monitor stays on for at least twenty-four hours. "I'll keep it on until I give birth," Elizabeth croaks. Lisa says, "You just have to slow down. No more helicopters." "Right," says Elizabeth.

Then we get a replay of the scene where Luka's on his way up to the ICU. Leaving? No -- Bishop. Another critical? No. She stable? Yes, but scary. Heading home soon? Don't know. Okay? Yeah.

Another replay of Luka's arrival in the ICU, and his greeting Bishop Cromwell. What time? Here late. Intubated. Ventilator? Oxygen. If it drops.... Thanks but no thanks. Bags? Packed. And here, the 52% new material: Bishop Cromwell asks Luka, "How long do I have?" "Maybe hours," says Luka. "Then I'd better hear it now," says Bishop Cromwell. "Hear what?" Luka asks. "Your confession," Bishop Cromwell replies, treating it as the self-evident fact that it is. Luka demurs, and Bishop Cromwell asks, "That's what you came up here for, isn't it?" Luka insists, "I wanted to check on you." Bishop Cromwell knows better: "You're searching for your faith. You think you lost it, but you only buried it. It's never left you." Luka looks down and seems to shuffle his feet. Then he reluctantly pulls up a chair.

Bishop Cromwell makes the sign of the cross in the air and says, "May God, who enlightens every heart, help you to know your sins and trust in His mercy." Luka chuckles mirthlessly, and protests, "Father, I -- I can't..." Bishop Cromwell interrupts him: "Luka. Your heart is burdened, Luka. Talk to me. Let me take that burden with me." Luka licks his lips, looks askance, and offers, "I don't know -- I, uh...lost my family." He looks down. Bishop Cromwell studies him. Luka continues, "Daniela, my wife -- she wanted to move out of Vukovar, but I had to finish my internship, and soon it was too late -- it wasn't safe to move."

As Luka narrates, we see the events he describes, starting with a street covered in rubble and a burning car, with an air-raid siren and falling shells on the soundtrack. "I was going to get some supplies, and I made them stay behind. I was just crossing the street when the mortar shell hit the apartment building."

In the present, Luka throws up his hands in exasperation. "Go on," says Bishop Cromwell.

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