The Crossing

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The Crossing

Luka wanders out the ambulance bay. The "ooo-ooo-ooo" low-rent Enya wailing that bludgeoned us all last week resumes, as Luka looks around, all haunted. The action slows down.

Back inside, the action's still all slow and portentous as Luka presses the button for the elevator, and as Abby "Lisa" Lockhart comes out of Curtain Area 3. At normal speed, she asks him whether he's leaving, and he tells her he's going upstairs to check on the bishop. I'll bet Lisa would be happy to "check on the bishop" for you -- even give him a thorough polishing, if you know what I'm saying, and I think you do. But Luka's referring to the actual bishop. Lisa starts wiping the snow off his shoulders and asks whether another critical came in; he says there aren't any more. He glances over her shoulder and through the glass of the curtain-area door, and asks, "Is she stable?" Lisa says yes, "after three rounds of terbutaline." "Good," Luka sighs. Lisa sort of smiles, and nods, adding, "It was scary, though." Luka turns back, slightly, to see if the elevator's come yet; Lisa follows his gaze, and then asks if he's leaving soon. He kind of pets her arm and says, "Uh, I don't know." She gives him a quizzical smile and asks if he's okay; he says he is, and, hearing it ding, backs into the open elevator. She bites her lip and manages a smile; he does likewise, minus the lip-biting part. The elevator doors slide closed...

...and open on what we may safely assume is the ICU, where everything is in slo-mo again. Luka slo-mos out of the elevator, and up to Bishop Cromwell's room; through the glass, we can see Bishop Cromwell sleeping in bed. Fr. Lackey is sitting outside the door, reading. At normal speed, Luka asks Fr. Lackey whether there's been any change in Bishop Cromwell's condition. Fr. Lackey says that Bishop Cromwell didn't want the breathing mask. Luka asks whether Bishop Cromwell's been asleep, and Fr. Lackey says he's been napping, on and off.

Luka enters Bishop Cromwell's room at normal speed. Hearing him, Bishop Cromwell wakes, and asks Luka for the time. Luka says it's 11:30. Bishop Cromwell comments that Luka's there late. Luka tells Bishop Cromwell that he'll have to be intubated soon. "On a ventilator?" Bishop Cromwell asks. Luka nods, and Bishop Cromwell shakes his head. Luka tries to browbeat him by telling him about his oxygen level, but Bishop Cromwell interrupts, "I've seen what happens after a ventilator." Luka tries again: "If it drops below fifty --" "Thanks, but no thanks," Bishop Cromwell says firmly. Luka raises the corners of his mouth in a "well, I tried" grimace. Bishop Cromwell lolls his head toward Luka and says, "Anyway, my bags are packed." He blinks, and smiles. Luka blinks sadly. To ease us into the seizure-inducing credits, the music starts out much more faintly than usual. I've noticed, watching reruns of L.A. Law every afternoon on A&E, that they used to do that, too; if the pre-credits scenes were light-hearted or wacky or just normal, they'd go into the credits with that screechy sax solo, but if the pre-credits scenes were serious or portentous or sad, they'd start with that low keyboard chord instead. Not that anyone cares; I'm just saying.

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