The Crossing

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The Crossing

Peter "Minority Report" Benton is in surgery, explaining what he's doing as he goes along. Then he asks, "What time is it?" A black guy, standing by, says it's 4:55; I'll assume the black guy is William White, is. And that becomes apparent in the next sentence, when Benton explains that he was asking what time William's interview is; William says it's at 10 AM the next day. Benton tells him to get there by 9:30. Still operating, Benton asks William why he wants to be a doctor. "What?" William asks. Benton says that's a common question in the interview. "Oh," William says. Benton presses him for an answer, and William offers, "I want to help people?" Benton groans. "No?" William asks. Benton doesn't answer, but continues explaining what he's doing. William asks what the right answer is. Benton says, "You tell me." William attempts, "The money?" Benton glares. "I want to be a role model," William amends. Benton sighs, "You know, if you're not going to take this seriously --" William protests, "I am! I just don't know! I guess I always thought it would be cool." Benton grunts that at least that's an honest answer. "So I should say that?" William asks. "Of course not," Benton snaps. Shirley comes in and asks how much longer he'll be. Benton dryly asks whether she's timing him. William's eyes widen as he follows the path of some long, pink hunk of tissue Benton's removed from the patient's guts. Shirley explains that there's a mass casualty coming in, and that Benton will be needed downstairs. Benton asks what happened, but Shirley says they didn't tell her. Benton says he'll be about fifteen minutes. Shirley takes off, and Benton tells William he should stick around, since there's no telling what he might see in the ER.

Back downstairs, Pedes Chick is congratulating Jason for being brave. She asks Carter if he's admitting Jason; Carter says he is. Pedes Chick asks where Jason's mom is, and Carter chuckles that she went to talk to her priest. Carter adds that he could have used her, since Mrs. Jason got a little upset after Pedes Chick left. Pedes Chick asks whether Mrs. Jason was upset about her son's health, or because she stole from the church. By way of answer, Carter tells a story about a childhood friend of his who used to steal communion wine for Carter and their little punk-ass blaspheming friends to drink; anyway, all that kid did to atone, back then, was go to Confession. Pedes Chick says, "What about you?" Carter says he just got sick. "So you're a heathen?" she teases. "Protestant," Carter corrects her. "Is there a difference?" she flirts. Put it away, Pedes Chick. Carter turns to leave, and she calls after him that she has an evaluation form for him to fill out if he thinks she did a good job; it's her first day on the job. Carter welcomes her and introduces himself, shaking her hand. She finally gives us a name: Rena Trujillo. Oh, and her official title is "Child Life Specialist." Uh, couldn't she come up with something that sounds less made-up? Why not go the whole nine and call herself a Juvenile Serenity Architect? Carter gives her the eye. She's not even blonde! Carter macks, "Don't forget your voodoo doll." "It's a procedure doll," she explains. "Yeah? [Do] they make them life-size, for really big kids?" Carter jokes. First of all, ew. And second, eww. Third, shut up, Carter. Rena's all Bacall to his Goob...I mean, "Bogey," "Why? You lonely?" Carter says he is: "I work a lot." Rena says that's too bad. Just as Carter's thinking about getting his freak on, Lisa pokes her head in and says that Luka needs Carter. Carter introduces Lisa to Rena, and Lisa perfunctorily says, "Hi. A train derailed by Lakeshore; they're declaring an MVI. I need to set up a triage centre." Carter excuses himself from Rena and books. Nice try making Lisa jealous, Carter.

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