The Crossing

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The Crossing

Blunt Chest Trauma says that he was supposed to fly: "My damn flight was cancelled." Damn irony! He adds that his chest "feels like something tore inside." He fails to add that he feels all wet and bloody inside.

Carter calls out drug orders for Crushed Firefighter, who screams at Capt. Davis, "Mitch, Mitch -- I'm sorry, man!" "Don't apologize to me!" Capt. Davis orders him. Crushed Firefighter says, "I didn't know it was going to tip over like that!...I need something more for the pain!" Carter asks Pam what she gave him, and she says she started with ten of morphine, but couldn't give him any more after his pressure started to drop. Carter tells her to give him five more, but "after the litre." Crushed Firefighter swallows real hard. Capt. Davis beckons Carter aside; Carter asks how long before they can get the train car off Crushed Firefighter. Capt. Davis starts to explain that they couldn't lift it with the jacks, and Carter repeats, "How long?" "How long do you have?" Capt. Davis asks, in reply. That doesn't sound good.

Run, Luka, Run! Luka runs over to the car that apparently stalled on the tracks. He asks if the driver, a young, blonde woman, is conscious, and is told she is. He leans in and shines a light in her eyes, asking her name. "I couldn't get out," she says dreamily. He asks her name again, and she says it's Shannon. He asks if her neck hurts, and she says it doesn't. Just then Carter appears and yells, "We might need a surgeon!" Luka tells Carter to call it in, like, duh, what is Luka, your assistant? Did you get some mud on your dialing finger, Nelson Rockefeller? Carter duly calls it in.

Luka runs some more. He sees a middle-aged woman on a gurney, and flashes back to a middle-aged woman trapped under a pile of rubble. I think the flashback is in Croatia, but I can't tell; I'm not so bright. Is Luka from Croatia, even? I forget! Was he in a war, or something?

The helicopter illuminates the scene. Luka steps onto a train car. He walks past a bloody, middle-aged guy wearing glasses, with his arm around a paramedic, and flashes back to a bloody, middle-aged guy wearing glasses, with his arm around a short, bloody woman. In his flashback, Luka looks younger (his hair is black, anyway), and he's wearing a grey turtleneck and a black coat; he sort of flattens himself against the wall as he passes the bloody people. Also, you can hear an air-raid siren blaring. Back in the present, Luka picks his way through the rubble to a woman, crying, still sitting straight up in her chair. He asks her if anyone's examined her. She sobs that they're looking for her son: "He wanted to go to the bathroom by himself." He checks her face, and, apparently judging that she's okay, says that they should get her out of there. She says she can't move her legs. He asks if her neck hurts, and she says, "Please, you have to find my son!" He asks her to lean forward, and she sort of sob-growls, "I can't!" Luka leans forward, and we get a close-up of the woman's side; she seems to have a metal bar embedded in her side. Luka urgently calls for Doris, and comes around the back of Metal Bar's chair, I guess to see how deeply the bar is stuck in there. Metal Bar continues crying, and says that her son is wearing a blue sweater. Luka barks to Doris that he needs a line and a set of vitals. Doris says she'll be there in a sec. Metal Bar keeps sobbing that her son wanted to go to the john by himself. Doris comes over, and Luka gives her a bunch of orders, adding that she should call him if Metal Bar becomes hypotensive; he takes off, presumably in search of her son.

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