The Crossing

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The Crossing

Luka picks his way further down the car and finds himself on the wrong side of a bunch of fallen metal and grates and cords dangling from the ceiling and the like. Luka calls out, "Are you looking for a little boy?" The firefighter on the other side says, "He's pinned! We have to cut him free!" Luka asks whether the firefighter can get the boy's (given that his mom is Metal Bar, and the circumstances, I'll call him Pin -- get it?) blood pressure, and the firefighter says there isn't enough room, but that they've taken Pin's pulse, and it's thready. Luka asks how he can get to the opposite side of all the rubble, and the firefighter tells him to go through the roof. Doris calls out Metal Bar's vitals to Luka; he calls out some orders to Doris, and tells Metal Bar they found Pin. She asks if he's okay, and Luka says he doesn't know yet.

Outside, Luka hoists himself onto the roof of the car and lowers himself in through a big hole. The firefighter calls Luka over, and we can see Pin -- barely -- behind a piece of metal with a bunch of vertical bars. Luka flashes back to a pile of rubble, including one side of a crib, with a little baby arm poking out. Geez, manipulative much? Oh, right -- you are. Very much. Sorry, ER! I momentarily forgot your MO, there. I wonder if this will give Luka a chance to redeem himself for not saving his own son when he was trapped. That sure would be lucky, if he can. Luka manages to get it together and asks the firefighter if Pin has an airway. The firefighter says that Pin is breathing on his own, and that they're waiting for a circular saw. Luka leans in and asks Pin whether he can hear Luka. There is no response. Luka says that Pin's pupils are poorly reactive; he figures that Pin's probably suffered a closed head injury and that they really need to get him out. The firefighter's all, the equipment's on its way, and Luka howls, "Get it here, now!" Then the fade is too fast, and we're all jarred by the sudden appearance of an SUV commercial with happy bouncy music. Poor Pin might never get to ride in an SUV again!

Still at the crash scene, another helicopter lands, and Elizabeth "Labour Party" Corday climbs out. A paramedic runs over to her with a bed and yells, "She's throwing PVCs! Do you want us to treat?" Elizabeth yells, "What?!" because the helicopters and everything are very loud. The paramedic says, "A couple ectopic beats -- can we give lidocaine?" Elizabeth asks what the injury is, and the paramedic says that her car was hit by the train: "Possible pubic ramus fracture." Elizabeth briefly checks Shannon and says that, at her age, she doesn't need the drugs: "Just get her to County!" Elizabeth finds Carter, and he takes her over to Crushed Firefighter, giving her Crushed Firefighter's vitals all the while. Elizabeth asks, "They can't get him out?" like, hey, what a good idea! Why didn't someone else think of that? Oh, right -- because it's a train car, and unfortunately David Banner isn't around to turn into the Incredible Hulk and lift it off him. They pass in front of a van, which allows a PA time to help the actually pregnant Alex Kingston gently onto the ground; by the time the camera's moved to the far side of the van, Elizabeth's screaming in pain. Carter hurries back to her and asks if she's okay; she groans "dammit" a few times, but insists that she's fine as Carter helps her to her feet. They continue their march to Crushed Firefighter; Carter proudly tells her that he inflated two blood-pressure cuffs to use as tourniquets.

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