The Crossing

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The Crossing

Carter and Elizabeth arrive at the site of Crushed Firefighter's crushening. She introduces herself to Crushed Firefighter and tells him she's a surgeon. "You gonna cut 'em off?" Crushed Firefighter chokes. "Only if I have to," Elizabeth tells him, continuing, "We can't give much more pain medication because we need to keep your blood pressure up, so I'm going to give you a nerve block, okay?" "Do it fast!" Crushed Firefighter exhorts her. Elizabeth calls out drug orders, including the word "groin," which never fails to amuse me. Hee! "Groin." Pam administers the drugs. Carter says that the blood-pressure cuffs aren't holding, and that he'll re-inflate them. Capt. Davis asks Crushed Firefighter, "Do you want me to call Patty?" "No!" Crushed Firefighter barks. Capt. Davis asks if he's sure, and Crushed Firefighter snaps, "I'm not dying, man!" Carter and Elizabeth exchange a look that says, "Uh. He should call Patty, dude." Elizabeth asks Crushed Firefighter, "Who's Patty?" Crushed Firefighter replies, "Patty's my ex-wife. The guys and I were going out after the shift to celebrate my divorce going through." Aw. That's sweet! What kind of wine does one bring to such a celebration? Capt. Davis tells everyone to get back so that they can "hammer through this concrete." "Just a second!" Elizabeth shrieks, over all the din. Crushed Firefighter protests, "Come on, let's do this!" Elizabeth begs him to hold on. "Get me out!" Crushed Firefighter bellows, as who among us would not? Carter and Elizabeth finish whatever the hell they were doing to Crushed Firefighter's legs as they totally weren't cutting them off, and get out of the way as another firefighter starts jackhammering the concrete under Crushed Firefighter, or around him; it's kind of hard to tell. I say they just give up and turn Crushed Firefighter into MAN TRAIN!

Inside the train car, Luka is not taking his eyes off Pin as the firefighters cut through the metal and move it aside, freeing Pin. Luka urgently asks for a backboard, and gently slides Pin, on his stomach, along the train-car floor toward him. Sars disappointedly asks, "Are those...three-quarter-length sleeves?" I assure her that Luka's sleeves are pulled up, and that he is not, in fact, wearing a woman's top. Luka ruffles Pin's bloody hair and checks his breathing with his stethoscope; Pin is still breathing and has "good air entry."

At County, Weaver has apparently just arrived and been briefed about what is sure to be her Happy Fun Shift. She asks Chen, "How many did you say we'd take?" Chen patiently replies, "I didn't; they're transporting all over the city." Weaver complains, "We're two docs down and a surgeon in the field!" Lisa asks Weaver if she should page Mark, and Randi interrupts, "He's at his competency testing!" Weaver, crutching out from behind the desk, tells Lisa to find out how many victims they're sending to County. Lisa says that "Malucci's on his way down with the first air-evac -- possible aortic rupture." Weaver crutches past Benton, who's trailed by William, and tells him that he's up. Benton breezily says he's got it, and Weaver corrects him that he should be headed for the elevator. She calls back toward the desk for someone to call CT and have them cancel all elective cases. Benton tells William to stay close, and to ask Benton any questions he might have, even though Benton might not be able to answer right away. Quinn comments that William has a nice ass, and Quinn is correct. Benton also tells William not to be surprised when the nurses tell him to get out of the way as Benton attends to the trauma victims: "It's their job. Just try not to knock anything over, okay?" "I don't need to stay?" William asks hopefully. "Only if you want to," Benton replies.

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