The Crossing

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The Crossing

There's a very brief moment of calm, and then the elevator doors open and "Dr." Dave Malucci emerges with a bed, giving Benton the bullet on our old friend Blunt Chest Trauma. Benton asks Blunt Chest Trauma whether he knows where he is, and Blunt Chest Trauma dreamily replies, "I was taking...plane." "Oriented times one only," Dr. Dave explains. William watches curiously as the team steers the bed into a trauma room. Benton calls out that "heart sounds are muffled." William asks what that means, and Dr. Dave tells him, "He trashed his aorta." "It's the major artery from the heart," Benton tells William. Dude, I knew that, and it's not from recapping this show. This kid wants to be a doctor? I don't think so. Haleh observes that Blunt Chest Trauma's neck veins are distended; Benton determines that Blunt Chest Trauma is in tamponade, and yells for no one in particular to call the OR and prepare for a bypass. William hangs in the doorway. Dr. Dave asks him if he's in his third year, and William replies that he's just applying. Benton calls him over to help, or at least to get a closer look at what's going on. As William moves toward Benton, Haleh (predictably) barks, "Move!" and shoves William out of the way. Blunt Chest Trauma appears to be unconscious; Haleh says they've lost the pulse. Benton tells the team to prep for a thoracotomy, and tells William to put on a gown: "It's going to get bloody in here."

Crash scene. Carter stops a couple of paramedics wheeling a victim of an abdominal wound toward an ambulance bound for "Lakeshore." Carter takes a quick look and tells them that she needs to go to a trauma centre, and that they should reroute her to County. Morales calls Carter over and, holding a needle aloft, tells Carter he needs to stick the victim. I think he's supposed to release the pressure in the patient's lung, but I'm not a doctor, besides which, the scene is dark and loud. Morales asks whether Carter was successful in whatever he was attempting, and Carter, with his ear poised over the needle, says he can't hear with all the noise. We get a shot of the night sky, illuminated by at least four helicopters. Carter asks, of the helicopters, "Are these all ours?" Morales replies, "No, it's the damn news!" Vultures! Bringing information about the crash to the friends and family members of its victims! Carter is satisfied with the results of his work, and tells Morales to send this victim, also, to County, for a chest tube, among other things.

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