The Dance We Do

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Mother? Fuck 'er!

Deposition. Danvers asks what Elizabeth thinks caused Mr. Patterson's paralysis. She admits that she punctured the dura. He points out that the anaesthesiologist noticed the leaking spinal fluid well before she did; she works the "yes"/"no" answers and says that there was fluid, but that it could have been saline, blah blah blah malpracticecakes. Anyway, the entire case comes down to one question: "Did you perform a thorough and competent inspection, specifically looking for possible CSF [spinal fluid] leaks before you closed?" Elizabeth says nothing for about three hours and then finally says, "Yes." But you can tell from her face -- oh, and from the three-hour pause -- that she's completely lying.

Carter catches up to Lisa in the ambulance bay and asks where she's been; she said she went to get a walk and a cup of coffee. You know, I really don't think the County has gotten its money's worth out of Lisa on the job today. I hope she plans to work overtime. He asks, "You didn't get my page?" She says she knew what it was about. Carter tells her what she already knows in her bones: "Legaspi was trying to find a bed for your mom, and she just took off." Lisa smiles wearily and says she figured that's what he wanted to tell her. Carter says he thought she might want to check her apartment, and Lisa quickly replies, "She's not there." Carter asks whether she checked, and Lisa explains, "No. This is the end of the cycle. Our cycle. She disappears, and then for months, I don't know where she is or what she's doing or if she's alive, and then eventually she'll turn up somewhere, and I'll have to deal with it." Carter, since there's nothing else to say, says, "I'm sorry." Lisa, who looks utterly relieved, says, "Don't be. I knew how it would end when she showed up." Carter nods, and Lisa adds, "It's the dance we do. We get lost in it for a little while, but it always ends the same." Carter motions toward Doc Magoo's with his chin and has managed to get as far as "do you --" before Luka appears behind him to whisk Lisa away. Carter stifles the question at the sight of Luka. Luka gives him some instructions about a patient, and Carter -- without meeting Luka's eye, as is his wont -- curtly says he'll tell the unseen Weaver. Lisa wishes him a goodnight, and they leave; Luka is about four feet taller than Lisa. Carter sort of shakes his head as he heads back inside. Oh, see? Why did they have to do the "do you --"? Because I really liked Luka and Lisa together but now I really do see that Carter is pining for her. Don't make me split my allegiance! I love Carter and Luka, both! I'm like Sophie with the choice, over here!

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