The Domino Heart

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The Domino Heart

Get a job, Fergie.

Carter wheels Louise down the hall and asks if she's had any chest pain or shortness of breath. Louise yawns sensually and says no, but she's maybe had some lightheadedness. Chen appears and wants to know what happened, and we see Ruth Ann on a gurney behind Louise; apparently, Louise slipped on the ice while helping Ruth Ann into the car. Ruth Ann pipes up, "My wheelchair fell over." Chen asks Ruth Ann if she lost consciousness, then asks Louise, and Louise says she doesn't think Ruth Ann got knocked out, "but I fell first, so I don't know." Chen orders Dr. Dave, who is walking along with Ruth Ann's gurney, to put her on a monitor, and when he asks if she "wants this one," she says grimly, "I just discharged her." "I'm a firm believer in continuity of care," Dave says. What a coincidence -- I'm a firm believer in Dave shutting up.

Dave leaves, and Louise apologizes to Ruth Ann, and Lydia gives Carter a blood-pressure reading on Louise which Carter deems "a little high," and he orders some tests. As Chen examines Ruth Ann, Carter asks what Ruth Ann came in for. "Weakness, exacerbation of Parkinson's," Chen says, and Louise notes, while staring resentfully at Chen, that Ruth Ann "hasn't been able to walk for three days; it's getting harder for me to take care of her." A light bulb goes off over Carter's head, and he gives Chen a "the hell?" look, and Chen looks at him, then at Louise, then back at him before saying with a hint of irritation, "Her head CT was normal." Carter looks skeptical but says only, "I see," before coming over to help Chen with Ruth Ann.

The OR. The transplant team begins shutting down Valerie's old heart; Lucy looks on. A woman arrives with a cooler and asks, "Anyone lookin' for a heart?" One of the other surgeons, Dr. Hanover, busts on her for "making [him] look bad," and the woman tells him to take it up with the FAA; Lucy worries, "Is it too early?" and Peter reassures her that no, "it can wait on ice for a while." The woman takes the plastic-bagged heart out of the cooler. Lucy oohs and ahhs at it.

Cut to Mark asking Adele The Social Worker about her session with Michael. It didn't go too well, apparently: "He denied everything?" Adele confirms that Michael "claimed the boyfriend never even touched him." Mark sighs that he "thought [Michael] was ready to talk." Adele says it's not uncommon for victims to change their minds: "He probably loves the guy and wants to protect him." Thanks for the PSA, Adele, but here's a tip for next time -- grip the skillet firmly in your right hand and swing it upwards in an uppercut motion. Mark asks if Adele will be around all day; she says she will, and asks if Mark plans to "take another run at" Michael. Mark says yes. Adele tells him to call her and grabs the elevator, and Mark spots Carol and asks how she's doing. "Four hours and forty-three minutes to go," Carol sighs, and Mark observes that counting the minutes probably isn't a good sign. Enter Amira with a chart, calling a patient a "real bitch." I don't know where Amira came from, but I hope she stays.

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