The Domino Heart

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The Domino Heart

Peter runs off stats as he and Lucy wheel Valerie out of the OR. Lucy, looking awestruck, says, "Wow." "What?" Peter asks. Lucy, doing her best impression of a five-year-old visiting her older brother at the science fair, burbles, "It's weird. There's someone else's heart keeping her alive right now." Okay, Lucy? Either you can let your gnarly hair dangle all over the place, or you can torture us with your overly earnest dipshit kiss-ass rambling, but not both. In short, SHUT UP. Peter humors her, though, asking if it makes her want to become a surgeon. The nurses hook her up to the machines by the bed, and Lucy asks if Valerie will start breathing on her own soon. Peter says that general anesthesia lasts longer in some patients. Lucy checks Valerie's eyes, starts in surprise, and says, "Dr. Benton, her gaze is deviated to the right." This must mean something has gone wrong, because Peter hurriedly checks Valerie's eyes while Lucy says in a frantic tone, "Valerie, squeeze my hand," and then, when Valerie doesn't, Lucy chokes out, "Oh, my god." Peter yells out to the nurse that they have to get a CT from radiology and orders Lucy to unhook Valerie from the vent and bag her, and he shouts his patented, "Come on, people, let's move," as Lucy uncouples the ventilator and looks scared.

Chen pages Carter; she, Malik, Chuny, and Amira all watch and giggle as he stumbles out of a Port-o-San and falls down in the snow. Carter enters the ER at a run, toilet paper clinging to his heel, slips on the wet floor, and knocks over the guy wet-vac-ing the floor, and the two of them crash to the ground Buster Keaton-style. Chen rushes over to see if he's okay. Malik makes fun of him. Carter catches his snap that it's a joke, then bitches Chen out; she says derisively, "It's payback time, just take it like a man." "Payback for what?" he snaps, and she answers, "For blackmailing me." She goes on to say that she admitted Ruth Ann after all. They discuss whether or not Chen is heartless. She defends herself by saying that she wouldn't tell him about the TP on his shoe if she were really heartless. As he rips it off, we hear a crunching sound. Chen and Carter both turn towards the door, Chen asking, "What was that?"

Cut to Michael standing in a fountain of water beside a water tanker, yelling, "Somebody, help!" Chen, Carter, and Malik rush over to a prone Curt, and Carter asks what happened, and Michael shouts over the sound of running water, "He was trying to put our stuff in the trunk! We should move him!" I still don't know quite what happened, but I think Michael backed over Curt and squashed him into the water truck. Anyway, Carter says they shouldn't move him till they get the stabilizing equipment, and he tells Malik to go get an airway kit and Dr. Greene, and Chen adds that he should get the driver to turn the water off. "I thought I had it in first gear -- it just went backwards!" Michael hollers as Carter and Chen work on Curt, and Carter observes, "He's not moving much air," and Michael wails, "Curt, I'm sorry," and Carter says they've got it and asks Michael to stand back as we fade to commercial.

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