The Domino Heart

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The Domino Heart

Mark paces while a police officer talks to Michael. When the officer emerges, Mark asks what he thinks. The officer deems Michael "pretty shaken up," and they discuss the seizure and whether Mark should have let Michael drive, and Mark explains that Michael took too much asthma medication, blah blah blah, and the officer asks if he should know anything else, and Mark looks down and shakes his head: "No, that's it." Very believable, Mark -- well, in a world where "believable" means "transparently dishonest." The officer goes on his way, and Mark goes next door to talk to Michael, walking in to find Michael taking a toot from his inhaler. "Hey, everything okay?" Michael asks, a little too cheerfully. Mark hints, "The police seem satisfied with your story," and Michael responds just as passive-aggressively, "Guess you got what you wanted." "How's that?" Mark asks. "Me, safe at home tonight," Michael answers, not meeting Mark's eye. Mark tells him the social worker will come down and suggests that the three of them talk. Michael says no. Malik comes in to inform Mark that Holling locked himself out of Mark's apartment. Michael thanks Mark: "I appreciate your encouragement." Mark makes an "ohhh-kay" face.

Lucy sits outside in the freezing cold, contemplating the fragility of -- oh, no, musing on the fleeting -- wait, wait, she's cursing the capricious -- oh, fuck it. Lucy sulks. Luka swaggers out of the ambulance bay and walks over to her. He has a watch cap on, but it's pulled up too high, and I would call anyone else wearing such headgear "Nipple Head," but I just can't bring myself to call Luka that. Anyway, Luka observes that Lucy looks cold. She wipes tears from her eyes and snuffles, "I am." Luka begins to take his coat off. Then he whips off the hat and begins to do a strip-tease while unbuckling -- oh, there I go again. Actually, he just offers his coat to Lucy, who tries to protest, but he drapes it around her shoulders anyway, saying, "I'm European, we like to be gallant." Sigh. Okay, sorry. So Luka sits down next to Lucy and asks if she's just gotten off her shift, and he mentions that he has two tickets to the circus; Lucy says she's actually just coming on. Luka asks why she spent the whole day at the hospital. Lucy refers obliquely to Valerie's death, and goes on to say, "It's never been very easy for me to be here. Sometimes I felt like I would never fit in." Luka looks sympathetic and says he knows about that, but he's moved around a lot, "and now I'm used to it." Lucy meets his eye and half-nods, saying that every day she's felt glad to walk into the ER of her own choosing, and not get rolled in "on some gurney." Look, Foreshadowing, for the last time -- no means no! God! Lucy adds that at the end of each day, if she's "helped just one person, it's been worth it." An ambulance pulls in as Lucy finishes, "And that didn't happen today, and that makes me sad." Luka eyes the ambulance: "Hey, your day is not over. Maybe this is your one person." "Doubt it," Lucy grunts. Luka suggests they find out. Lucy asks, "And miss the circus?" and Luka says he's had enough circus for today, and they smile at each other and go meet the gurney, and as The Piano Of Redemption begins to play, the paramedics introduce them to a bonehead who plowed his snowmobile into a tree, and Luka offers to show Lucy how to use a trach light, and as they wheel the anvil into the ER, the camera pans up overhead to end the episode.

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