The Domino Heart

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The Domino Heart

Anyhow. Carol sits at a terminal, yawning. "I'm Sorry" Dave Malucci asks Carol about a chart and whether she faxed an EKG and why he didn't get a call about it; Carol answers him shortly while smothering another yawn. Dave says mildly, "Oh, here's the problem -- paper jam. Fax it again, will you, Carol?" Carol gives him a look that would bend a rebar. Um, Carol? Nobody made you come back to work. No, maybe you can't support the twins on your own, but if you won't accept Doug's help, you've got nobody to blame but yourself, so give the put-upon routine a rest. I don't mean to sound unsympathetic towards new moms or single moms -- just towards this particular one. Cleo "Data" Finch asks if anyone has seen the films for a broken ankle, and Amira bitches, "Don't hold your breath." Carol explains that without water, radiology can't process the X-rays, and they don't know how long they'll have to wait. As Cleo strolls past him, Peter "Touched By An Android" Benton snorts before observing, a little too casually, that if the water shortage keeps up, "some of us might get out of here in time to go grab something to eat." "Sounds like fun," Cleo says neutrally while leafing through a chart. "Yeah?" Peter says hopefully. Cleo says briskly, "Have a good time," and walks away. Peter frowns. Ouch! Dissed by the cyborg!

Mark gets the bullet from the paramedic: a twenty-eight-year-old man had a seizure while driving and crashed his car. Another man follows the gurney, holding a hockey stick and looking concerned: "We were on our way to a hockey practice and he just started to shake. Scared the crap out of me." The paramedic says that the guy holding the hockey stick walked away from the wreck with only a cut on his head. Mark asks the hockey-stick guy if Michael, the seizure guy, has had any seizures before; the guy says no, not that he knows of. They hoist Michael onto the table, and Mark orders tests and asks the guy about any medical problems Michael might have. The guy offers that Michael uses "one of those asthma inhalers," and Mark notices "old bruises" and observes, "You guys play pretty rough, huh?" "He got checked pretty bad last week," the guy agrees, and Mark asks if Michael hit his head, and the guy says he doesn't think so. Just then, Michael starts gagging, so they roll him in order to fulfill the gratuitous chunk-spewing quota for this episode. ["NBC's house counsel calls down to see if Michael could possibly spew chunks onto a pane of glass, thus breaking it, and kill two birds with one

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