The Domino Heart

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The Domino Heart

Lucy and Valerie. Valerie expresses confusion over whether she gets the heart or not. Lucy explains the type of infection Valerie has and says they can probably get it cleared up with antibiotics and still go ahead with the transplant. Valerie asks what happens if the antibiotics don't work. Lucy says worst case, Valerie gets a life-threatening infection post-op. Valerie sighs and thinks for a moment, then asks Lucy what she would do. "It's your decision, Valerie," Lucy tells her, but Valerie doesn't want the buck and passes it back: "I know, but would you have the surgery?" After a short pause, Lucy nods, saying, "The risk is small, and you've waited a long time. I would go for it," and as soon as she utters those words, a guy in a FedEx uniform walks in and says, "Dramatic-Irony Death Warrant -- could you sign here, please?"

Downstairs, Mark wraps Michael's hand and not-so-casually prods, "How long have you and Curt been together?" "A while," Michael says, and Mark asks, "Everything okay?" "Yeah," Michael says. Mark, who evidently learned this questioning technique from Dr. Elizabeth Olivet on Law & Order, then wants to know, "What happens when the two of you fight?" Michael doesn't like the sound of that and snaps, "What makes you think we fight?" "Everybody has arguments," Mark observes glibly, going on to say that Michael has bruises, he's stressed out, and he OD'd on his meds: "I'm just trying to put it all together." He sneaks a quick look at Michael for a reaction before saying awkwardly, "It's not uncommon for -- fights to turn physical." Michael looks sad and sort of nods as Mark goes on, "People don't mean for it to happen; it just does," and Michael says he knows that. Mark senses he has a receptive audience and says, "Something just sets it off. That ever happen to you?" Michael considers for a moment while Mark looks sideways at him again, then laughs ashamedly and says that he forgot to pick up the dry cleaning: "He, uh -- he hit me, and -- he said he was sorry, and he promised he'd never do it again." Michael smiles like he can't believe that it happened, or that he's said it aloud. Mark asks, "Has he?" Michael looks at Mark, then looks down; apparently, Curt has hit him since, which Mark says aloud just to confirm it, and Michael nods. Mark says he'd like Michael to speak with a social worker, because "they have experience at dealing with these things." Michael's expression indicates he's willing to do that, so Mark prompts him, "Okay?" and Michael seems to remember himself, and he sits up straighter and says, "I don't know. I don't know."

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