The Fastest Year

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The Fastest Year

At the used-car lot, Luka is dorking out in a big way, reading out the information from the stickers in a booming Crazy-Eddie-of-the-Balkans voice. Carol can't help smiling -- when a cute boy makes a fool out of himself trying to impress you, it's hard not to -- and says to him, "You're really enjoying this, aren't you?" Luka keeps goofing off. Carol busts on him for thinking she'd buy a Dodge Dynasty. (Good point; I've never even heard of that model before.) Luka refuses to ease up on the spazz throttle, and winds up yanking the antenna clean off of a Mercury Sable as a result. Carol guffaws.

This anti-hilarious episode of Kooky Kroatian Komedy Hour is interrupted by even more non-merriment, this time in the form of Edgar, who hides behind an equipment cart and peers out fearfully at Kerry. Kerry, examining an x-ray, spots him. Cue Music Of Overly Mannered Wackiness as Kerry pretends not to see Edgar, then hails Malucci and alerts him to Edgar's whereabouts. Malucci goes to collect Edgar. Whatever.

In a trauma room, an old woman lies on a gurney with an oxygen mask on, and her middle-aged son strokes her hair; the son's daughter stands beside him. Jing-Mei "Check, Please" Chen explains to them that "we're treating her with antibiotics, but the oxygen level is low," adding less-than-diplomatically that "pneumonia can be a peaceful way for an elderly person to die." Affronted, the son snaps, "We don't want her to die!" but Chen bulldozes ahead, saying that "as the oxygen level drops, she'll simply fall asleep, and eventually stop breathing. There's no pain or suffering." The granddaughter asks if they can't just put her "on a breathing machine or something," and Chen says soothingly that sometimes it's best to "let nature take its course," but the son says angrily that when he saw his mother last month, "she was sitting up in a chair, eating." Chen points out that, according to the woman's nursing home, she stopped eating some time ago; now she's fed through a tube that leads directly into her stomach. "We can't just let Grandma die," the granddaughter whines, and the son says they won't; Chen starts to offer them some time, but the son says peremptorily that they "don't need time -- we need somebody who's willing to help us, and obviously that's not you!" Chen excuses herself and leaves the room. In the hall, she sees Abby, and asks her if she's seen Dr. Weaver; Abby hasn't. The camera picks Abby up and follows her to the window of Delia's room; she looks in on Delia and DD and heaves a frustrated sigh.

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