The Fastest Year

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The Fastest Year

In a trauma room, "Eight-Minute" Abby Lockhart helps Doris and Elizabeth "Brit O' Honey" Corday transfer a little girl named Delia onto the table as Delia's father hovers nearby. Abby and Elizabeth order tests, and Abby asks Delia if she remembers what happened. Delia says a car hit them "really fast." Elizabeth inquires about other medical problems, and Delia's Dad says Delia used to have leukemia. Elizabeth asks what kind, and DD says she had AML (that's "acute myeloblastic leukemia," for those of you playing along at home) and she's been in remission for eight months. Abby looks at a cut on DD's arm and says he'll need sutures, but DD doesn't want to leave Delia, so Haleh offers to suture him there in the trauma room. Delia reassures her father that she had stitches once, and "it's not that bad." DD says he'll try to "be as brave as you are." The staff exchanges "awww" looks. Delia is pretty cute.

At the front desk, Conni says, "All I'm saying is, you can't go wrong with a Chevy." Carol "False Idol" Hathaway looks doubtful. Chuny says wickedly that she's "gone wrong many times in a Chevy." Hee hee! Me too -- and more Chuny, please. Yosh says he's always "admired the Subaru," and Randi suggests a classic car like a vintage Mustang convertible. I like the way she thinks -- Mustangs rock out -- but Carol rightly points out that she has "two babies, Randi, remember?" Lydia says that maybe Al could hook Carol up with a car from the police auction, and as "Hello Mary" Luka "Goodbye Heart" Kovac appears behind the desk, Conni asks him what he drives. "An old Saab," he says, and Randi cautions Carol not to "go Swedish" because they have the highest suicide rate. Luka asks what they're talking about, and Carol says she's buying a new used car that day, so Luka offers to bring her to the place where he bought the Saab; he knows the guy and he can get Carol a good deal. Luka asks if Carol wants to wait until his shift ends so that he can come with her, and Carol looks like she's about to say no, but Chuny tells her she should definitely bring a guy with her, and Lydia concurs, so Carol asks Luka, "You're sure you don't mind?" Luka says of course not, he just has to finish up a few cases and then they'll go. Carol thanks him. Luka smiles at her and takes off. Oh, brother. ["Hey, I'm buying a car this week! Shout-out?" -- Wing Chun]

In the hall, Abby confers with Elizabeth about Delia's test results; Delia's leukemia has returned. Abby wonders aloud why Delia never got a bone-marrow transplant. Elizabeth offers to talk to Delia's Dad, but Abby says she'll do it. Hey, Abby? We've all had plenty of time to admire the nifty little shingles your hairdresser cut into your flowing tresses. Now put. The tresses. Up. Abby heads for Delia's room with her Walk Of Great Meddling Purposefulness, booking past Mark, and as Abby leaves the frame, Elizabeth calls out to Mark and says she heard Holling had come in, and she asks, "What is it?" Mark says grimly, "Rhonchi [a coarse rattling sound in the bronchial tubes] and consolidation in his right lung. I'm going to go check on him now," and he sort of motions for Elizabeth to join him.

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