The Fastest Year

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The Fastest Year

Abby asks Delia's Dad if anyone discussed a bone-marrow transplant with him the last time Delia had leukemia. DD says yes, but nobody matched; even he only matched three out of six points. Abby tells him Delia will need re-induction chemotherapy, and DD looks dismayed and makes oh-no-not-again noises. Abby tries to comfort him by saying that in two months, after Delia goes into remission again, they can try a transplant then. "Yeah, if they can find a donor," mutters DD. Abby asks, "There were no other possibilities in the family?" Not exactly, DD says. Abby repeats, "'Not exactly'?" DD explains that Delia has a half-sister from DD's first marriage, but the divorce was "pretty ugly," and the half-sister hasn't gotten tested for a match because DD's ex-wife isn't inclined to help. "Not even to save another child's life?" Abby asks in disbelief, but DD cuts her off and says they should just go ahead with the chemo and take it from there. Abby reluctantly says, "Sure," and tells him she'll check the national registry again to see if a match with an unrelated donor comes up. DD thanks her. Abby studies Delia and DD from the doorway, and I go up to my roof and look to the west, where I can see the rest of this storyline crossing the Mississippi and heading my way.

Front desk. Carol asks Luka if he's ready to go yet, and he says "almost" and briefs Kerry on outstanding patients, including Edgar, who doesn't have meningitis but whose lytes haven't come back yet. Edgar's mother had to go back to work, so Kerry says she'll check on Edgar and wishes Carol luck. Carol and Luka leave, and Kerry crutches over to Edgar's room and greets him, and Edgar snarls, "What's she got?" and asks why Kerry has "that stick," and as Kerry stops short and looks down at her cane, Edgar starts freaking out and shouting that he doesn't want Kerry to touch him and yelling "get her away from me!" over and over again, and Conni and Kerry try to calm him, but he squirms out of Conni's grasp and runs out of the room, and both women look puzzled. Conni gives chase, and Kerry calls after Conni to "get Malucci if you need help."

Cut to Mark in the hall, looking into Holling's room. Elizabeth comes down the stairs and asks about Holling, whom Mark describes as "making friends, as usual," and we see Holling still chatting away to Sarah in his room. Mark says that Holling has post-obstruction pneumonia, and Mark has given him an IV antibiotic. Elizabeth asks if Mark's going to keep Holling there, and Mark says yes, "for awhile," and grabs an empty box as Elizabeth says she'll stop in to say hello to Holling, and she asks if she can do anything to help. Mark says he's going to steal some supplies and she shouldn't tell anyone, and she says, "I love stealing -- let me help." Aw. Elizabeth helps Mark load up the box with various medical supplies, and as she hands a box needles and syringes over her shoulder, she looks back to see Mark fighting tears. Elizabeth says in consternation, "Mark," but Mark guts it out, talking about Holling's treatment as the tears come and go from his voice; Elizabeth regards him anxiously.

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