The Fastest Year

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The Fastest Year

Luka and Carol at Wrigley, eating hot dogs. No comment. Carol attempts to explain the infield-fly rule to Luka, who correctly guesses that she's talking out of her ass (in all fairness, I had to look it up myself), at which point Carol jokes, "Can we go now?" and reminds him that she still doesn't have a car. As they walk up the steps to the exit, Luka says that his first mode of transportation "was a tractor," a confidence which Carol greets by snorting; Luka says that when he was eleven or twelve, his grandfather, a farmer, let him drive the tractor until he mowed down a couple of fences and one of his grandfather's cows. Carol asks if Luka's father was a farmer too; no, Luka's father was a train conductor. More quaint "PBS Presents: A Croatian Childhood"-type reminiscences -- L'il Luka riding on his father's lap, L'il Luka and his brother raising hell in the train cars, blah dee blah. Carol asks if Luka spent a lot of time with his father. Luka says he did, and asks the same of Carol, and she tells him that her dad died when she was little and she never really knew him, and Luka says, "I'm sorry," and Carol says, "Yeah, so am I." They pause at the top of the seating section, and Luka says, "It must make you think about Kate and Tess -- about their knowing their father." We don't know how much Carol has told Luka about The Doug Situation, but this comment seems kind of intrusive. Carol looks away and tucks her hair behind her ear: "Yeah, I guess." Then she looks back at him: "But you would know what they're missing more than I do." We've seen some spirited debate on the forums as to what Carol means by this, but for the record, I think she means that Luka knew his father and she didn't know hers, so Luka would know what the twins are missing and she wouldn't so much; I don't think she's referring to Luka's children here. Anyway, after regarding him for a moment, Carol brings him back on task: "Are we going to buy a car, or are we going to buy a car?" Luka gives her a big dramatic eye-roll and says, "We are going to buy a car."

In Medical Records, a donut-eating tech says he can't find the file on Ruth Pooler, a.k.a. HMO Wife; it's probably in remote storage, but he can get it in about an hour. Carter nods. The tech goes on to say that he did pull the other file Carter wanted, "Paul Sobriki, Psych file?" Carter mutters, "That's the one," and signs for it. He takes it over to a desk and sits down, takes a deep breath, and opens it, but before he reads very far, he's hailed by Dr. De Raad. De Raad asks if Carter's "getting back into work okay," and Carter says he has good days and bad days, but "today hasn't been . . . I . . ." he trails off. De Raad nods knowingly and says Carter should "come on up, we'll talk." Carter protests that he's okay. "I know," De Raad says gently, "but I have time. Say -- three o'clock?" Carter says okay. De Raad leaves. Carter frowns.

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