The Greatest Of Gifts

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The Greatest Of Gifts

Back at County, Benton and Finch work on Taylor, who asks whether she can go home when they're done. Lily comes in and tells Finch she has a call from Braids: "Something about your car." "My car?!" Finch yelps, and hurries out to the hall, where she picks up the phone. Apparently Braids's story is that the car's "just gone," and that Braids didn't see anyone. You know why she didn't see anyone? Because Rex the Wonder Preemie couldn't see over the wheel. I'm just saying. Wearily, Finch says she'll call the police, and tells Braids to wait by the phone. Benton comes out after her and asks what happened; she tells him, and he sighs, but he doesn't get much chance to defend his close personal friend Braids because Robert "Rocket" Romano appears to chew him out over hijacking Taylor. Benton says that he asked a "Dr. Duhlstrom" to send Taylor's parents down to get her, but Romano says her father's at the airport and her mother is busy with Nicole, "who's puking her guts out from chemo." Benton asks whether anyone's explained the procedure to Taylor, and Romano dismissively says that "they've done a few hundred of these." Benton says that Taylor is feeling scared and "a little used," but Romano's not interested: "You know, the sister's a little scared, too. She's scared of dying. It's not like they're trying to take out a lung." Benton starts to say what's wrong with Taylor's foot, but Romano doesn't care, tells him he'll send down Taylor's mom, but that Taylor has until 2:30 to report for this blood thing. Wah. Whatever.

Carter comes into the nursery, where James and Linda are sitting with the baby and Bette. Linda asks what Chen said, and Carter says that she'll see the baby, but that she doesn't want to. He asks the room at large whether they really want to "force this on her." Oh my god, that baby has more hair as a newborn than I had when I was five. ["Again with the 'my brother' story, I know, but Mr. Stupidhead had wolf-baby hair like that when he first came home. It all fell out in a week." -- Sars] Linda says that since Chen has three days to sign the papers, and that if she doesn't see the baby, she might regret it and change her mind about the adoption. Carter gets it, and says Chen's waiting. Bette suggests that Carter take the baby to Chen, and that she, James and Linda will follow in a few minutes so that Chen can hand the baby back to Linda.

Okay, I'm no social worker, but I can really see where Chen is coming from, not wanting to see the baby at all for fear that her reaction to him would be not to be able to give him up. I think that forcing her to see him when she doesn't want to is likely to have the opposite effect they all seem to think it will...and, sure enough, Chen proves me right. Carter brings the baby in and hands him to Chen. The baby is pretty cute, and very big, and hairy. Chen sobs, when she looks at him, that he's "so beautiful."

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