The Greatest Of Gifts

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The Greatest Of Gifts

Apparently Carter got up, because we next see him with the biker's gurney, getting the bullet from Doris: "Closed head trauma, altered at the scene." Of course, the biker was not wearing a helmet.

Personnel plop the biker onto a bed in the trauma room. Carter instructs a random nurse to cut the patient's clothes off and determines that he's got brain fluid in his ear. Eesh. He's all scarred, apparently, and he's got Vicodin for pain, Hyzaar for high blood pressure, and Lipitor for high cholesterol, all in his coat. Carter makes a tired joke about bikers' diets, but since he has just cause to make tired jokes, I'll let it pass. Random Nurse sets the drugs on a counter. Lily pokes her head in to say that Weaver needs Carter; it wasn't a mini-van, but a regular van, and about a dozen kids were injured on their way to a Christmas pageant. Carter's on it.

Walking home, Benton and Finch continue arguing about Braids. Benton's primary motive in handling it himself is that he doesn't want Braids to bother Jackie. They get to Finch's stoop, where Braids is sitting in the snow. I think she might have a bruise on her cheek, but it's dark and I can't really tell. She stands up at the sight of them and blurts that she didn't take Finch's car, but she thinks Tiny did, which is why she lied to her, and that she was afraid Finch would kick her out. Finch stares blankly, running a complex diagnostic and finding lost clusters on her hard drive. Under the stairs, Rex snickers, "'Tiny'? Is that my name?"

At the hospital, Carter treats a kid in a really cool partridge costume. I think he's supposed to be Keith. (Look, I'm tired too, all right?) Pam calls him over to see a kid with a head laceration and an "open tib-fib fracture." Oh, ow! The girl is named Elise; her neck hurts. Oh, and she's a "maid a-milking." As Carter guides her bed into a trauma room, she complains that they're missing their play.

At the trauma-room door, Carter discovers that the biker is still in there, with debris from his examination all over the floor. He sends Elise to another trauma room and goes to a cabinet to fetch supplies. Setting a package on the counter, he notices the biker's Vicodin. I brace for a half-hour sequence of cutting to Carter, cutting back to the drugs, cutting to Carter, back to the drugs, Carter's face, a close-up of the prescription label, Carter licking his lips, Rex holding out a couple of pills, Carter, pills, Rex, pills, Carter, at the end of which Carter FINALLY just TAKES THE DAMN PILLS, ALREADY! Instead, Carter notices the pills, and literally three seconds later he snatches the bottle, takes some, and replaces the bottle on the counter. The entire transaction takes less than ten seconds. Thank you. God. Because I imagine that's how it really happens in real life. He takes his package and walks out to the hall.

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