The Greatest Of Gifts

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The Greatest Of Gifts

Weaver hiccups again as Benton and Finch cross the screen behind her, bickering about Braids. Finch is annoyed that Braids has been there a week when Benton had promised it would only be one night; Benton says he can't find Braids's mother, and doesn't know what to do. You could call Social Services, since her mother's been on a drug spree for a month and Braids should be in foster care. But she's fifteen, and she doesn't want to. Well, I'm not adopting her, are you? Plus I hate having her in my house, and she shouldn't be bringing friends over, and she's manipulating you. Chastened, Benton practically shuffles his feet and begs as he says he has a lead on another halfway house for Braids. Finch says that Braids only gets two more days until she's out. Benton, puppying along at her heels, insists that he's working on it, to which Finch replies, "Good!" This relationship is giving me hives. Doesn't Benton have his own house to which he could take her? Didn't he keep an apartment even after Jackie started taking care of Braids? Why would he put himself in the position of having to depend on the indulgence of someone who's already broken up with him twice this season? Having said all that, I have to side with Finch on the Braids issue, but it's her own fault for giving in to Benton in the first place.

Malik comes up to give Benton a chart, and as he examines it, he notices a little girl in blue sneak out from under the stairs and steal into what appears to be some kind of storage room. He takes a couple of steps toward the door and seems on the point of investigating when he hears a woman's voice screeching for help and springs into action.

Back by the desk, Weaver asks the woman -- who's cradling a little boy -- what happened, and she says that a dog attacked her son, and that she can't stop the bleeding. Mrs. Dog Boy is played by the same actor I've seen on this one episode of Law & Order that A&E reruns, like, once a week. She plays a girl who'd been taking care of her grandmother, who starves to death at the start of the episode. She then stands trial for manslaughter, and eventually it comes out that the grandmother wanted to die, but was Catholic, and couldn't be buried in consecrated ground if she left any evidence that she'd offed herself, so the girl colluded to help her conceal it. Then she goes to prison. (I didn't think it was worth marking that as a spoiler since I'm pretty sure it's an episode from the Sorvino years.) Anyway, in the time it took me to tell you all that, Benton's reached the kid and tells Mrs. Dog Boy that Dog Boy cut his facial artery. Weaver asks Dog Boy's name, which is Jeff. Weaver continues hiccupping as she says her name. Mrs. Jeff (formerly Mrs. Dog Boy) wails that Jeff had been crying and that now he's stopped. Benton says they need to secure his airway.

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