The Letter

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The Letter

For the record, since some people say AE wasn't in their credits, he did show up in the ones I saw in L.A. Because, you know, his aura is in this episode even if his chrome dome is not.

Carter and Pratt treat Al, the same old man Mark treated in "Orion in the Sky." Al is blathering about being cold and needing "some of that breathing stuff," and Carter tries to examine him. Pratt reads off some stats and says that Al needs "a sally bolus." It's his way of saying "bolus of mornal saline," but he's doing a play-on-words with Sally Bowles, and...I'm only mentioning it because he does it again later, and I'm worried it'll become a thing with him next season. Carter, of course, doesn't know what the hell Pratt is talking about, and Pratt defines "sally bolus" for him as if Carter is eighty and not hip to the young people's lingo. Carter tells Pratt to work up Al, and Pratt insists that Al is a diabetic whose blood sugar is soaring and needs to be brought down. "Get Dr. Greene," Al moans. "He knows what to do." Carter smoothly says that Mark isn't there that day. "Then I'll come back later," Al insists stubbornly. Carter won't let him leave, but is gentle about it; cocky as hell, Pratt makes fun of Carter's requests for a thorough check of Al's chart, and bets him twenty dollars that Al's blood sugar levels are over four hundred. But Carter isn't paying attention -- he's just seen Dr. Kerry "Best in Show" Weaver enter and read The Letter. The knowledge that she's just getting the news hits him as if he's reliving the moment he read it. Pratt's voice snaps him back to reality. "Just...plug him in," Carter says of Al, walking away.

Weaver stares at The Letter as if her breath has been taken from her. She's stunned. Her gob has officially been smacked. Abby creeps up behind her. "Dr. Weaver?" she calls out. No response. She clears her throat. "Dr. Weaver," she states more forcefully. Weaver snaps back into reality. After briefly smacking her lips like a fish, Weaver sputters, "When did you get...?" Abby fills in, "You were at lunch." Weaver shakes her head, dumbfounded that they posted this on the bulletin board, as if that's any less callous than Elizabeth faxing the news of Mark's death. I'm still not over that. It's as if she knew it would mostly be a footnote to their day. Abby tries to engage her, telling her that they've got two patients rolling up from a car accident; Weaver assigns Carter and Lewis to the case without even blinking. "And George cut himself again...." Abby begins. "In a minute," Weaver interrupts her, walking away without even making eye contact. Abby watches her knowingly.

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