The Letter

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The Letter

Lydia enters Trauma Green and calls Susan to the telephone. It's Chloe calling. We then jump to the middle of the conversation, where Susan is lecturing Chloe while tacking Melissa's x-ray up to a lighted board. "You disappear with Suzy after almost killing yourself, you don't call for three weeks...." There's a pause as Chloe answers something we don't hear. "Yeah, well, I hope so," Susan spits. We learn that Joe took Suzy back while Chloe is in an out-patient program for her drug addiction. Suddenly, Susan looks up at Melissa's x-ray and curses. "I have to go," she tells Chloe hurriedly. "Chloe, I have to go." Susan jots down Chloe's phone number on her hand and adds a hesitant "yes, I love you, too," before slamming down the phone and staring sadly at the x-ray. Gallant approaches; Susan tells him to forget everything they were doing with Melissa and page Pediatric Oncology. "[She has a] calcified mass in the lung field," Susan says. Gallant blinks. "She has cancer?" he gapes. Susan nods, then leaves to find little Melissa a cheap plane ticket to Hawaii, where all tumors congregate.

Weaver walks up to George, her patient who cut his hand. He's played by Chris Burke of Life Goes On. Is ER going to go ahead and hire the entire cast of that show? I never liked it, but I'll always enjoy Chris Burke after hearing his stirring rendition of the tune "Eating is Fun, Eating is Serious," which is a stunning truism. Weaver is impatient with him, stitching up his hand and brusquely ordering him not to touch it. He whines that it's itchy. "I'm done," Weaver says curtly. "Keep it dry, come back in ten days." While George blathers on and on about itchy sutures, Weaver catches sight of Romano staring at The Letter. All the background noise fades away as she watches his reaction, which is to put his hands on his hips and exhale softly, staring at his shoes for a second. We know what he's thinking: He's alone in this now, carrying the mantle for all bald men, and the least he can do for his species is try to nail Elizabeth once the proper mourning period has expired. Turning around slowly, Weaver snaps back into reality when she notices that George is picking at his stitches. She blows up at him. "I'm sorry," he says. "I don't care if you're sorry, I don't care if you're stupid," she screams. "You don't listen. If you don't listen, you don't heal!" Luka quietly appears and promises Weaver that he'll handle this so she can step away for a second. "I'm sorry," Weaver chokes. "I'm sorry, George." She flees into a room and throws her cane angrily against the wall, sinking onto the bed and weeping, her head in her hands. We go to commercial wondering why Susan hasn't done this yet, and whether it means her heart is a cold, black piece of coal.

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