The Longer You Stay

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The Longer You Stay

Weaver chooses that moment to blast through the ER and announce her imminent exit to Doc Magoo's, lying that things sure seem to be dying down. She tells them to page her with any problems. "Things aren't dying down!" insists Carter. "I've got five patients, and I'm not even on!" Weaver flatly tells him to bloody well sign out and leave, then. Poor Carter. He's taking Chen's incompetence right on the chin.

Abby gloomily tells Carter that she needs to hang up, then does so without saying goodbye and turns to face Luka. Ladies and gentlemen, the faceoff begins. "Ready to go?" she asks. "If you want," shrugs Luka. "Yeah, I want," Abby snaps. Luka blinks. "Fine," he mutters. "What, now you're mad?" Abby gripes, because Little Miss Cranky-Pants wants sole ownership of this thunder. Luka goes inside to pay the bill while she finishes her cigarette. She stares after him, annoyed, then throws her smoke on the ground because his mood has taken all the joy out of tar.

Benton stares through glass doors at Carla's lifeless form. We know right away that it's not Lisa Nicole Carson, because it's a side shot of her prone body and the hundred-foot peaks are missing. Roger arrives and bolts down the hospital hall toward Benton, panicked. "I'm sorry, man," Benton says quietly. Roger spies Carla. "Is that her? Do I go in?" he asks. Peter advises him to wait until Dr. Scoft arrives, but Roger can't be consoled and demands some inkling of her status. "She came in without a blood pressure," Benton says softly. "They worked for over an hour, but she had massive internal bleeding...too severe to repair." You can tell he's a doctor -- anyone else would have first said, "She's dead," and then delved into the clinical specifics. Such is the state of Peter's social skills. Roger exhales brokenly. "Was she awake?" he chokes. Benton shakes his head. "There was a faint pulse in the field, but she was pretty much gone on impact," he says. Roger grieves. Something's always bothered me about Vondie Curtis-Hall, and I think I've pinpointed it -- he resembles a Klingon. He self-flagellates that they were slated for a Wisconsin trip that weekend, but he cancelled for work reasons. Benton confirms Reese's good health, and just then, Dr. Scoft arrives to be totally pointless, since Roger already knows about Carla. Dr. Scoft allows Roger to visit the body; as he rubs Carla's forehead and kisses her hand, Benton watches impassively. We zoom in on Carla's open wallet, which contains a jolly photo of Reese and Roger together. That must be from their summer trip to Anvil City.

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