The Longer You Stay

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The Longer You Stay

Carter gripes to Chuny that all he signed on for was to suture a lacerated toe, yet now he's got three patients -- Toe Boy, Metalhead, and the guitarist. Chuny figures the last two are mostly the same, so he can just order two of everything. "Get Chen," seethes Carter. "She has a bad head trauma," Chuny replies. She does? Well, that would explain her inability to organize the ER. Although technically, she probably shouldn't be at work in her condition. Carter insists he's handing off the patients, trying desperately to prove he's got balls of steel just like Abby's.

Elizabeth steps in to fill Benton's place treating Kevin. "He was pushed against the stage at a Metallica concert," Cleo whispers. Elizabeth is surprised. "They didn't start. It was the warm-up group," Kevin says with difficulty. Oh, well, that changes...absolutely nothing. A nurse enters and relays that she was only able to reach his parents' answering machine. Cleo confirms that there's no apparent internal bleeding, and that his liver and spleen are intact, but that there is curious tenderness. "Could be an abdominal wall injury, a small bowel perf, maybe a bruised pancreas," Elizabeth muses. "Kevin! Oh my God, Kevin!" shrieks a young girl. "You let go of my hand!" And you let go of his, Marla. She's his babysitter, confessing that her boyfriend brought the tickets over and they planned to leave early so that Kevin could be in bed by 11 PM. Cleo glares at her. Elizabeth looks ready to light another fuse. Marla admits that she has his parents' cell phone number, but waited until she found him to call. Cleo raises her eyebrow. "You found him," she sighs.

Dr. Dave "Whose Line Is It, Anyway? Not Mine" Malucci arrives along with another crushed music fan. This scene exists so that we can hear Weaver bark disapproval of Dr. Dave's attire -- he didn't come to work dressed and ready. Weaver charges straight out to the front desk, where her Ponytailed PI softly greets her. She stares at him, then informs him that she's through with him, and calls orders out to Frank and Yosh. "I found her," interrupts Ponytail. He explains that he ran a few clients' names through a brand-new database for adopted children seeking birth parents, and Weaver's name hit the jackpot. "I double-checked this time," he adds, before she can throw his past mistake back in his face. He hands her a business card and prices the information at $400. Weaver, curious if for no other reason than to seek answers about her heritage and how it may relate to her lesbian tendencies, accepts the card and stares at it.

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