The Longer You Stay

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The Longer You Stay

Luka escorts Abby to a local bar, warmly greeting the elderly chess-playing regulars when both of them recognize his hot Croatian mug. Sorry, I can't help editorializing when it comes to Luka. Abby raises a brow. "You know them?" she asks, dripping with contempt. "We met at lunch," shrugs Luka. "Is the smoke going to bother you?" See? He asks her, and she says no, so I'm not convinced Luka should lose points for bringing her there. Although Abby does enjoy a quick brood, so who knows whether she was honest. Julie Delpy trips over there and oozes the name of Luka's favorite drink, which sounds Abby's threat alarm. "Diet Coke and a couple of menus," Abby orders. Julie sweetly tells her that the kitchen closed at ten. "It's, like, 10:02," Abby argues. Right. So, past ten. "I'm sorry," Julie says. "I'm starving," Abby says, combatively. Luka runs interference, begging Julie to check for any appetizers that might be sitting in the kitchen. She muses cutely that the chef might not have trashed the soup yet. "Potato cream?" she asks Abby. Looking extremely put-upon, Abby sighs that potato cream soup will be just fine and then silently fantasizes about pouring it up Julie's cute French nostrils. "Is there anyone here you don't know?" Abby tweaks Luka, who shrugs and smiles innocently.

Carter tries to figure out where he can bunk the guitarist. Two punk chicks, Harmony and Dianna, peer nervously through the glass; Harmony -- a blonde with spiky hair and heavy makeup -- is the guy's girlfriend, and Dianna -- pierced and dark-haired and spacey -- is her druggie pal. The actress who plays Dianna, incidentally, starred in my boss's movie, The Fluffer. No, not Wing Chun and Sars; my other boss, from whom I now expect a healthy raise. Dianna gets up in Carter's face begging for information about the musician. "Tell her he's all good," she demands. "He's all good," Carter obliges. Harmony, however, is experiencing anything but. "I saw him stop breathing!" she panics. "You don't just stop breathing!" Carter reassures her that they're helping her boyfriend breathe, but that he'll be conked out for several hours on account of the alcohol-GHB cocktail he ingested. "Are those blood stains?" Dianna asks wonderingly, staring at rust-colored splotches on the ceiling. Carter tries to shut her up, but she's fixated on the idea of dead bodies lingering and bleeding out just one floor up from her face. And that is a sexy concept...if you're high. And crazy. And dumb as a fingernail. Harmony is having trouble breathing, though, and admits to an asthma problem. "Are you on something?" Carter quizzes her. "A little acid," Dianna replies, fondling an IV bag. "I'm not talking to you," spits Carter. Harmony insists she's clean, but Carter is still concerned and tells Haleh to have someone work Harmony up for an endocarditis. " in you?" she sasses.

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