The Longer You Stay

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The Longer You Stay

Abby makes small talk with one of the chess players while Luka shoots pool. "What made you become a nurse?" the chess player asks. Abby can't remember. The chess player holds out his hand so that she can examine whatever about it is bothering him, but Abby can't pout with interruptions, so she waves it off and says, "You should ask Luka. He's good with pus." Sticking her arm up in the air, Abby points to her watch so Luka is absolutely clear that she wants to leave. Her table companion kindly offers her a cigarette, but Abby declines despite the flash of longing in her eyes.

Carter is swamped. While he sets Dianna's arm in a cast, Yosh holds his mobile phone while Carter apologizes to his parents and tries to reschedule a get-together. Toe Boy screeches that he's still waiting for treatment before his digit drops off. Carter tries to enlist a passing Malucci's assistance with the toe suture, but Dr. Dave doesn't have the time. He's got a craft-services table to visit. Carter sings his favorite new song, called "Where the hell is Chen?," and rants until Yosh volunteers to go get her. Malik breezes past and tells Carter that Abby's kidney-stone patient, Pilar, finally got sent to Urology. "Abby said she gave him GENT, but it wasn't charted, so should I give him a dose?" he asks. Carter replies, "Not if she gave him one," and tells Malik to call. "And if she's not home?" he presses. Carter leans back and smirks. "Know what? I need to yell at her anyway," he says, whipping out his cell phone to blow off sexual steam through witty banter.

Abby leans against a parked car, sucking on a taboo cigarette. She answers her ringing phone. "Having fun? Are you out having a good time?" Carter guilts her. "No, not exactly," Abby groans. Brought to you by Hertz. Carter sunnily tells her he's setting the broken wrist of an "LSDiva," blaming his disastrous return to the ER on Abby's insistence that he speak to Weaver about the Attending position. "I got sucked into the ER vortex," he finishes, annoyed. Abby smiles. "I didn't tell you to talk to her tonight!" she says. They clear up whether or not she administered GENT (she didn't), and then she gripes that Luka dragged her to a bar -- just as Luka wanders up behind her. That's three times in two episodes; Abby should really get that foot-in-mouth disease treated. "So much for quitting," he says under his breath. Abby rolls her eyes. "Hey," she high-schools nonchalantly. Simultaneously, Carter and Luka both realize that the geometry of their love lives is once again complete.

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